Little Hobbits

Bob and I went to see “The Hobbit” last night. We enjoyed the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy so we were interested in this movie. It was not up to the viewing pleasure of the LOTR trilogy though it could have been handled worse. It is a complex story that would be difficult to bring to the screen. I think if it had been handled with the care and less child oriented look to it, the result would have been better.

Just want to share the look of two of our little hobbits in the extended family. Nicolas and Nathan displaying their musical talents while waiting for William and Elizabeth’s wedding. What little gentlemen in their suits.

Wedding Daze

Today was spent lending support for William and Elizabeth’s wedding. William is David’s brother-in-law and Elizabeth is his bride who came from Indonesia to marry him. I was asked to take video of the pre-wedding and wedding procedures. I set up the Canon HD10 camcorder I have and got well over an hours worth of different video shots. Elizabeth was dressed in beautiful Indonesian fabric colors and the wedding was a mix of American and Indonesian wedding culture. I did get a picture yesterday of Bob helping set up the backdrop to the ceremony. A picture of William and Elizabeth is projected on the back wall.

Wendy,William and Elizabeth working on the the music presentation during the ceremony with slides.


Wedding Photos

Well, today was a day of resolving “bad” appliance and electronic problems. The microwave would need a new control panel that costs as much as a new microwave. The dishwasher had a failed valve so we got a new one and planned to replace the one on the lower drawer portion too. My laptop’s new memory module failed and will be replaced so it could have been worse, like a new hard drive replacement.

Who wants to dwell on boring news. A number of the wedding photos have come back for David and Renee. It was a lovely wedding and the photos have turned out very nice. I would like to see more of how our place looked after all of the hard work undertaken for the wedding. We think it all went well and people enjoyed themselves while here. One can be proud of everyone’s efforts in all of this and the outcome.

David, Renee, and Nicolas
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