The Cargo Culture

Can we build big and dream for the modern future? We seem to be stuck in small time machinations. The government is into wasting time on micromanaging people and policies that they can’t see building a bigger, more modern future. We most likely will sink to a third world country stature. A better description of how we are slipping away from that uniqueness and ability to perform to the highest level and achieve greatness. From the Sultanknish blog, some very good insight.

That's modernity. It isn't glamorous. You can see it in black and white photos of men working on old planes. You can see it in the eyes of the astronauts who first went to the moon. You can read it in the workings of the men who built the longest suspension bridges, laid undersea cables and watched their world change. They were moderns and their time is done. They have left behind savages with cell phones who make decent tinkerers, but whose ability to collaborate falls apart in large groups.

The difference between savages and civilized men isn't that savages are dumb and civilized people are smart. Savages can individually be quite clever within their parameters and civilized folk can be quite stupid. It's the ability to extend that intelligence in groups that makes for a civilization.

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