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Check out this Guide to Barbecue in different regions of the United States. These types can be quite different and distinctly wonderful to eat.

Barbecue is one of America’s most beloved — and debated — culinary traditions. From the Carolinas to Hawaii, each region of the U.S. has their own take on barbecue, from the smoking process to the sauces and sides. And each region will probably tell you theirs is the best. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here are four of the most popular regional barbecue styles in the U.S., explained.
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The Carolinas

A Lost Spanish Settle

Archeologists have found a lost Spanish settlement in the Florida Panhandle. More cool details can be found here.

The Pledge

What is the origin of the Pledge of Allegiance? I certainly have never felt the need to “diss” saying the Pledge. While I have been with some who live outside the U.S. who would grumble, I do a respectful “God Save the Queen” when I need to.
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