Easter and The Bunny

Today is one of our religious holidays, Easter. Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion on this day about 2000 years ago. May all see peace and have a blessed Easter.
Along with Jesus has risen, we also look for the Easter Bunny to shed some cheer to the children. Vada and Victoria found their hidden Easter baskets fairly quickly. Along with chocolate bunnies they had a small stuffed cat and a stuffed unicorn to enjoy. More family relations will come shortly this afternoon.

Easter Bunny

Happy 2023 Year

The start of a new year, 2023. We are home and staying quiet as we often times do.

Here is a wish for the new year - it will be happier and better than the last three years.

New Years Eve Tradition

Another New Year's Eve and one that is a Saturday night. For several years, we have made our Mexican Corn Chowder with shrimp. We made a double batch tonight and with a loaf of homemade artisan white bread to go with it. It is better to be off the roads and at home. I am watching movies and the New Year's celebration on Fox News. I'm looking to see Cole Hauser there who plays Rip on Yellowstone. (Yes!!)

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day has opened this morning before 6 a.m. with a beautiful sunrise that has a bit of color to it.

While it is always great to be at home and share Memorial Day with family and the local community, I have always said that the best Memorial Days spent are in Washington D.C. In spite of all the ugly politics, to visit the Memorials honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice is beyond special. Time at Arlington Cemetery with the changing of the Old Guard to reading the special tributes written by family members to their lost loved ones at the World War II Memorial is a memory that will always linger.

Here is an article describing some of the tributes to Medal of Honor recipients found in Powerline. Just one version of how this special holiday can be viewed. Below is a picture from a trip to Arlington Cemetery to watch the changing of the Old Guard.


Happy New Year and a New Start

Due to a large amount of work on my plate, I have let my blog slide. I had been until part of 2016 good at placing one blog piece each day for a number of years. It does make me feel sad that I have not kept this going the way I had planned. I can only try to do better for 2017.


Nicolas and Bob the Builder

Nicolas is ready to go out for Halloween trick or treating in his Bob the Builder costume. He built his own mailbox.

The Falling Man

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the horror and attack to our country on 9-11. One of the most iconic images and the story behind it was of The Falling Man. More on this unforgettable story here.

President's Day

While I can like and admire Thomas Jefferson for his intellect and a number of the things he did for this nation, he has been reported as a not so good friend, more the back stabber even. He and John Adams were good friends and became estranged for many years. Now I read about how he tried to "take down" George Washington through the use of Washington's friendship with Alexander Hamilton. Good that it didn't succeed. We can see currently how mean-spirited and not in the best interests of our American spirit politics can be. This is an interesting post about the subject.

Pre-Valentine's Day Romantic Quotes

Well, someone had to do it. Run a survey of people on what they consider the most romantic lines from literature, film, and TV drama. It appears that the line most picked is from the movie Sense and Sensibility…………..

''My heart is, and always will be, yours''

The rest of the list can be found here.


Valentine's Day 2016

We went to 1847 Bar and Grill late this afternoon for our Valentine's Day dinner. I enjoy going there. I got 2 nice cards, one from Bob and one from the cats and dog. How thoughtful. I also got a set of colored pencils to go along with my adult coloring book I bought at Costco yesterday. At the end, I had there wonderful cranberry/orange bread pudding. Yum.


The start of a new year with the New Years. Pretty quiet day of trying to get some work and relaxing done for the day. It was a beautiful, sunny, cold day. David, Renee and the boys came to visit and say an early Happy Birthday!

Holiday Tree

Here is one photo of our Christmas tree for 2015. We went this morning over to Sherwin Williams and Lowes to look at paint samples and flooring for Scott's new house. I think we found some possibilities.

Jesse's First Christmas

Christmas Day dinner at our house too. Prime Rib roast again, slowed cooked with rosemary and garlic. Yum. Scalloped potatoes too. Hard to beat it. Here is a photo of Jesse with Uncle Scott for his first Christmas.


Christmas Eve 2015

We had Christmas Eve at our house with pizza and salads with dips. The kids opened presents with us. Bob, Sandee, and Great Grandma Kay came to celebrate. Here is a good photo of Nicolas and Ryan in their Minion jammies.

Christmas At School

Nicolas had his Cascade Elementary school Christmas pageant last night. They broke the evening into two sections and we attended the second section. Unfortunately, Nicolas' class ended up on the other side of the stage from where we sat. We did not get the opportunity to see his class sing as well. Afterwards though Ryan seemed to feel the fake Christmas presents under the Christmas tree were his to try and take to open. Here is PaPa Bob rescuing the package from Ryan.

Jesse and a Friend

Jesse was Ooo'd and Ahh'd over at the Thanksgiving feast. Much like he should be. He did find a friend that I was able to snap a photo of.


Thanksgiving 2016

Some of the Lewises, Fouts, and Thayer families met at the gym building of the Church of the Nazarene to have a potluck Thanksgiving. It was close to 50-50 children and adults. The kids were having a lot of fun running around and playing with lots of small balls they threw at each other. There was lots of food and Ryan was caught enjoying some of the cranberry salad in a small cup. That kid loves to eat.

Breakfast with the Family

It starts that it is a dark and stormy night. It actually is a very dark and stormy night, rainy too, for Halloween. The newer version of Halloween, the movie, is on. It is Ok, blah. Not like the Jamie Lee Curtis version.
Part of the family went out to breakfast this morning at Korner Kitchen.
I was able to capture these photos.
David and Jesse

Ryan (with Jesse's cap) and Renee


Sleepy Hollow

Currently on TV, there is a show called Sleepy Hollow. It is an updated, demon related take on the Sleepy Hollow legend of Washington Irving's. There have been a number of movies made about the town and also Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. Ooooo, Spooky, more so than what goes for spooky nowadays.
If a person wants to know more about what is legend and what is true, it can be check out here in this article.
So just in time for Halloween tomorrow,…..

"In a small town just 26 miles north of New York City, the Halloween season is bigger than Christmas. And it’s all thanks to the legend, almost 200 years old, of an infamous headless nightrider.

A short 40-minute express train from New York’s Grand Central transports you to the “drowsy shades of Sleepy Hollow” — previously North Tarrytown, before the good citizens voted in 1996 to rename it to capitalize on the tourist trade. Here, as Washington Irving described him in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” a dark-horse-riding specter was “said by some to be the ghost of a Hessian trooper, whose head had been carried away by a cannon ball, in some nameless battle during the revolutionary war…” "

Family BBQ

Went driving today on the Aufderheide Dr. which is Hwy. 19 between Hwy. 126, the McKenzie Hwy. and Hwy. 58 the Willamette Hwy. running through Oakridge. More photos later. We went over to David and Renee's place for fruits, veggies, and a BBQ with them and the Lewises. An end of summer family BBQ American style.

Links on Independence Day

It seems we need to treasure our Independence Days even more now. Our liberty or those of us who treasure it or treasure it differently are seeing it slip away. Here is an interesting page of different links to thoughts, speeches, articles about events and thoughts around Independence Day. Good reading and a way to keep this information handy. From National Review here.

Memorial Day 2015

As many people have commented while approaching this holiday, Memorial Day is more than just a holiday. It is a day of remembrance, honor and service. This came home to me in prior years when Bob and I had the opportunity to be in Washington DC on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We saw Rolling Thunder come into the city. We went to the War Memorials and also Arlington Cemetery. One cannot forget being there and the importance of these places after having gone.
I came across an article that discusses our soldiers, their sacrifice and our disconnect from understanding their heroism during war…………especially our Medal of Honor recipients. The article can be found here on Powerline, the best blog out there on the internet.
Speaking of Arlington Cemetery, a place never to be missed in one's lifetime, the history of origin of this fascinating and humbling place can be read here.


Holiday Weekend, What If

We don't plan on doing anything exciting over the holiday weekend. The weather is going to be very low clouds and blah for being outdoors for any activities. The time will be spent on playing catch up on Winn activities that need to be done. One can dream though and here is an interactive map on how to visit all 48 continuous states to visit a landmark there. It says it can be done in 9 days.

Readying the Gravesites

Bob and I loaded up and set out for the family gravesites at Powell and the IOOF cemeteries to be ready for the Memorial Day holiday. All the flower sets looked beautiful and made each spot stand out. We try to place flowers by my great-grandmother and great-great grandparents too at Powell Cemetery.

Easter and Family

Today is Scott's birthday and also Easter. He and Melissa could not join us for Easter Dinner. We all met for dinner last night at Momiji. We did have David, Renee, the boys, and Renee's parents, Bob and Sandee. Caught Ryan enjoying his plate of grapes since he loves his fruit and veggies.
ryan-and-grapes-2 4-5-15

Ryan, Little Flirt

With it being Palm Sunday, we were invited over to David and Renee's house to have an early afternoon breakfast brunch. I was able to capture the kids outdoors on the play set on a nice afternoon before we ate our brunch. Ryan didn't want to swing yet he did like the slide. He has always enjoyed trying to slide. Here is a cutesy pose like he is a little flirt

St. Patrick's Day

Just getting home from a long trip and needing to catch up, I did not get a chance to partake of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. I also found that an online class I was taking starts tonight so no rest for the wicked as they say. I did come across this trivia article about why Ireland does not have snakes. A lot of it comes down to the fact that it IS an island and nothing to do with Saint Patrick. More information can be located here.

Origin of Valentine's Day

Returning to my information trivia roots, there was a short informational email about the origin of Valentine's Day. A day where it seems everyone wants to dine out and the restaurants were full. Bob and I went to the movies for a change and for our Valentine's Day entertainment. We went to see the movie we had been anxious to get to see, American Sniper. A very good film and one that we both were glad we made it happen. The comments one would see about the movie of how the theatre was dead silent at the end were very correct. Our theatre was so quiet and solemn as we exited, plus a had a tear or two that wanted to clear a path down my face.
Well, on to the origin of Valentine's Day which can be found here.

"While not thought to be directly related to modern Valentine’s Day traditions, the beginnings of celebrating love (of a sort) in February date back to the Romans. The feast of Lupercalia was a pagan fertility and health festival, observed from February 13th through the 15th, that was celebrated at least as far back as 44 BCE (the year Julius Caesar was assassinated). Some historians believe it goes back even further, though with possibly a different name."

The Heart Shape

Where did the heart symbol come from? We recognize it world-wide. With Valentine's Day tomorrow, it is worth taking a look and understanding where the symbol derives. Find it here.

"Something like the familiar heart symbol goes back many thousands of years. Specifically, several pieces of pottery going back as far as 3000BC clearly show the unmistakable symbol. However, in these instances, the symbol is noted to be a simplification of either a fig or ivy leaf, not a crude representation of the human heart, and seemingly, at least initially, not having anything to do with love. Fast-forwarding through history and we find many cultures using a similar symbol, such as depicted in Grecian, Cretian, Minoan, Mycean, Roman and Corinthian pottery, along with many others. In these instances, again, the symbol doesn’t appear to be representative of a heart, but of various leaves.

For example, the early vine leaf imagery in Greek culture was mostly used to represent Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy, among other things. For a more straightforward example of the ivy leaf imagery having a double, suggestive meaning, in the city of Ephesus around fourth century A.D, the symbol was used to represent a brothel."

Birthdays at 63

Well, the big day of the year for birthdays has come. We have made our way to Seattle for the Hotel Andra to stay for the weekend. Our first dining experience out was at Serious Pie (where else) where we had one of the wood fired pizzas and their famous dessert of coconut cream pie. Yum. Then it was off to see the last episode of The Hobbit which was non-stop 3-D action.
Fennel sausage, peppers, and provolone cheese pizza

So good the fork didn't want to get out of the way.



Cold New Years

The weather has been bright and sunny but cold. BURRRRRRR.
Even the garden cat sculpture was frosty this morning and the cat looked like it was winking at me!catgardenornament

New Year's Eve Home Cooking

Did our traditional Mexican Shrimp Corn Chowder for New Year's Eve. Yummy…….one additional item over prior years is that I made Artisan Hearth Bread with the loaf pan I got at Java Depot in Lincoln City on a prior visit. Homemade bread is even more yummy. A really basic recipe and the loaf was wonderful with the chowder. Great flavor.

Christmas Day, Round Two

More food, more presents for Christmas Day. Scott and Melissa made it out here for the second round. David and the boys joined to share the prime rib and more presents.
Ryan got to see what more goodies came from the other side of his family.
davidandryan002c12-14 -12-25-14

Christmas Eve, Round One

The adults ate lots of good food with chants in the background of "I want to open my presents first". The Christmas wrap did not stand a chance of long survival. Nicolas tore into the paper with gusto for a "Spunky the Cat" debut and Ryan, our little builder, had a happy time pounding on his building blocks…when he wasn't racing Flaming Frankie the car and Donnie the Driver at the seat.



Christmas Presents 2014

The tree is all decorated, has been for awhile, and the stockings are not stuffed. Milk and cookies are not out for Santa, trying to watch the sweets. Ready for Christmas 2014, like it or not.

The Night Before Christmas

So who wrote The Night Before Christmas tale? There is some dispute about who was responsible. One fellow has been described as the most likely though a distant relative through his wife may be the author. At least his family claims so. It is certainly a story that is ingrained in our Christmas holiday culture. Many children have been raised looking for Santa to deliver the presents in a setting with the stockings hung with care and not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse or if they did, our cats would get them. Read on about this lovely poem from 1823, so long ago it was just yesterday…….

Our 2014 Christmas Tree

With Bob’s and grandson Nicolas’ help, we got our Christmas tree up and decorated. It isn’t as large or has as many ornaments as last year. They both did a super job and now the tree is on records for this year. Getting ready for Christmas is never an easy thing to accomplish for the Thayers.


So how did Xmas come about in our vocabulary. It isn’t just an abbreviation that is non-religious. X is the letter in the Greek alphabet that stands for “Chi” which in Greek is short for Christ. This information has been found and used in different style guides. Fun to know more about the origination of words that we think are just trivial. They actually have a deeper meaning. Check it out here.

Family and Friends

We went over to our friend’s and neighbor’s home, the Winterboers, for their annual holiday dinner for neighbors.  It was fun and good food as usual. The number of interesting stories from our lives made me wonder if we should have a Berlin Tales section to anything related to Berlin, on our Facebook page, etc. Hammy.

Meanwhile, back at the other Thayer’s homestead, some were gathered around the Christmas tree getting it decorated. We could use their help here. Happy

Fat Cat

One week ago we all had a great Thanksgiving meal at David and Renee’s home. One always seems to feel stuffed with food at the end. I would have to say that I felt like the following picture after all was eaten.

Columbus Day

The world is getting even wackier. We are due to spend right after the New Year’s in Seattle and they are beyond wacky. Today is not Columbus Day to the City Council there but Indigenous People. At this point, based on how long my family has been located in America, I am well into being an indigenous person. Some background.

End At Appomattox

We recently celebrated and honored Memorial Day. The holiday was started shortly after the Civil War ended. There was a recent article discussing the history of Memorial Day in light of the sacrifices of U.S. ward dead. The article featured a section from James McPherson’s book, “Battle Cry of Freedom”. The piece describes the surrender of Lee to Grant. It was a day of sadness yet honor among armies and troops.

Memorial Day 2014

To remember a great place to be on Memorial Day, here is Arlington Cemetery with Arlington House at the top of the hill. So many sad, yet wonderful memories and sacrifices recognized in this hallowed area. I have seen big, rough looking men weep at ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is humbling.

Valentine's Day 2014

Today is Valentine’s Day. The weather is a bit wet and windy, therefore gloomy. It is nice though to be able to go out for a pleasant, good tasting dinner as part of this romantic holiday. There are not a lot of sit down, nice restaurants in this area. Usually one has to drive 30-60 miles to get to the better ones. Bob made reservations at The Point in Sweet Home. It looks out over the Foster Reservoir and does a decent job with food. The fellow who owns it works hard and does appreciate his customers. He tries to provide good and friendly customer service. It was quite fun to have my hubby give me a Love Bear during dinner. Mr. Love Bear sat on the table and oversaw what we ate--shrimp cocktail, shrimp and steaks as the main course.
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