New York City Underground

Many of the major cities in the United States have an underground. Some are more extensive and they have tours that are designed to highlight the features of this underground architecture, etc. I came across this article about the secret nature of New York City's underworld, all in video format. See it here.

Approaching Storm

There was a rain and wind storm approaching today from the South. The morning looked quite sunny and bright but that soon was to go away. Here is a great sunrise look at the approaching storm clouds.

Nice Rack

The camera card showed a number of deer photos again. We have a buck out there with a nice rack of horns and another young buck with just nubs showing up around.
Here is the older buck.

Jesse and a Friend

Jesse was Ooo'd and Ahh'd over at the Thanksgiving feast. Much like he should be. He did find a friend that I was able to snap a photo of.


Thanksgiving 2016

Some of the Lewises, Fouts, and Thayer families met at the gym building of the Church of the Nazarene to have a potluck Thanksgiving. It was close to 50-50 children and adults. The kids were having a lot of fun running around and playing with lots of small balls they threw at each other. There was lots of food and Ryan was caught enjoying some of the cranberry salad in a small cup. That kid loves to eat.

The Beauty of Editing

I like music and I love to see when people can artistically edit film and music to make something new. This has been going around Facebook recently. Someone has taken old films with dance scenes and fit portions of the steps to synch with a current song from 2015.

Extinct Cave Lion Cubs

The found the well-preserved remains of two cave lion cubs in the frozen ice sheet of Siberian Russia. The cubs were from a time period of over 10,000 years ago and a very rare find, An interesting archeological find and read about it here.

Pagan Roman Basilica

They have found an ancient underground chamber that was a place of worship for a mysterious cult around 2,000 years ago. People can now visit the site. Visit it here. There may be some Greek classical heroes depicted at the site.

Sunsetting On My Day

Some days start out great and one can feel happy. They can turn on a dime and not end up being a happy day at all. My day today was very much sensated.

People, Beach, and Sunset on Coast

Spending the night at Lincoln City. The sunset was pretty cool and I was able to capture it with the small Nikon camera.


Nuremberg Anniversary

Seventy years ago today was the start of the Nuremberg Trial of German leaders for war crimes. Here is an interesting article about three men who advocated for the trials and three roads to achieve the end results.

"Much of what we now understand as the Holocaust—the persecution of the German Jews in the 1930s, the evolution of systematic, European-wide mass murder during the Second World War, the number 6 million, ghettoization, the rampages of the Einsatzgruppen, the death camps in Eastern Europe, the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto—became part of the proceedings of the Nuremberg Trial of 1945-46 thanks in good measure to three Jewish advocates, none of whom was formally part of the prosecution. Each of them was a lawyer; each was an émigré from an Eastern Europe ravaged by the slaughter of Jewish people during the war, and each, in his own way, drew an important conclusion drawn from the catastrophe that his community of origin had undergone."


Samwich Partners

Do you think they are related? Do you think they like to eat their Samwiches? Maybe while glued to a TV show?


Coffin Births

So do women deliver babies after they die. Evidently they can and do. Here is some trivia information about this issue from Today I Found Out right here.

"Historical texts bear this gruesome curiosity out with clinical chill. In 1551, one of the earliest known documented cases of coffin birth was recorded: a victim of the Spanish Inquisition, swinging at the gallows, gave birth hours after her execution. In 1633, in Brussels, a woman who died in labor convulsions gave postmortem birth three days later. In 1650, a parish register noted, “April ye 20, 1650, was buried Emme, the wife of Thomas Toplace, who was found delivered of a child after she had lain two hours in the grave.” In 1677, another woman died in labor; six hours later abdominal movements were observed and still eighteen hours after that her deceased child was born. In 1861, sixty hours after a woman died in convulsions, she “gave birth” to her eight month old baby."

Underlying Thoughts to Start of World War I

There is some interesting underlying history or thoughts of how World War I started. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not that upsetting to be a trigger for war but it was a pretext for Austro-Hungary to draw Serbia into war for land. Due to treaties among various countries, more got drawn into the conflict. There is also some information here about what giving a white feather to a man not in uniform would mean.

"The commonly held notion that WW1 was started out of outrage over the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie at the hands of the Serbian nationalist secret society known as the “Black Hand” isn’t entirely correct. In fact, the Emperor Franz Josef himself expressed relief over the assassination because it rid him of an heir that he deeply disliked. The Emperor commented that “God will not be mocked. A higher power had put back the order I couldn’t maintain.”"

Dating Years Trivia

How did we derive the year dating terms BC/AD and BCE/CE, the later I never seem to use. A lot of this reverts back to Roman times. Read more here.

BCE (Before Common Era) and BC (Before Christ) mean the same thing- previous to year 1 CE (Common Era). This is the same as the year AD 1 (Anno Domini); the latter means “in the year of the lord,” often translated as “in the year of our lord.” (It was thought when the AD dating system was created that its year 1 was the year Jesus of Nazareth was born.)

Anno Domini was the first of these to appear."

Finishing Up

Not much to say for today. The conference was done for the day at noon. I grabbed two beignets in the hotel lobby. Just out of the fryer and with powdered sugar. Karen took us out to our hotel and along the way we had lunch. Dinner next door at VooDoo BBQ and Grill. It was a good place to eat. I'd recommend it. Three little kittens outside waiting for leftovers. I gave them part of my chicken pieces. Sad bunch.

Follow the Leader to Arnaud's

Tonight we had the ABVP Awards Dinner and the treat of following a festive New Orleans dressed woman who lead us to Arnaud's for dinner. Kim Buck as President was dressed up and had boas too. A nice evening among people.follow-the-leader-11-14-15

Central Grocery

Part of the fun of getting a muffuletta sandwich is to visit Central Grocery right down in the French Quarter and near the open market. Full of food items to buy. They are so busy selling at lunch that the sandwiches are ready to go and the place is busy. See the line in this photo.

Muffuletta Sandwich

Before the conference started, we made a quick trip to Central Grocery so Karen and I could share a muffuletta sandwich. A must for my trip to NOLA. Yum, their olive salad.

More Democrats

While staying with the Becnels, we do get entertained in the morning by the gathering of greedy, needy for food raccoons that come down from the trees. As Tim calls them so aptly, The Democrats.

Off to NOLA

We stayed overnight at the Shilo Inn and caught a very early flight to NOLA (or Covington) to see our friends, Tim and Karen Becnel. They were so good at letting us visit them and stay for 2 nights. We had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant for supper. Good appetizers, drink, and food.

Phone Keypad Trivia

How did we get the star and pound symbols added to our phone keypads? What did they mean and now how do we use them? It is interesting how all of our everyday uses happen. Read more about this on The Straight Dope.

Brothers For Sale

Renee posted a cute photo online. This is from a recent photo shoot at Waterloo Park of the family. I doubt Ryan wanted to cooperate but Nicolas likes to be in photos. Maybe Ryan didn't want to be sold. Here is Nicolas offering up to sell Jesse how seems like "what's happening?"

Lunch Out

I finally was able to get out of the house to have lunch with my friend, Laurie. We went to the 1847 Bar and Grill at the new hotel in town. They made a good Pastrami Reuben sandwich which is my favorite. Laurie had a great looking clam chowder and turkey sandwich. Nice, relaxing place to eat and the service was good and friendly.

American Pharoah versus Secretariat

American Pharoah was the first thoroughbred to win the Triple Crown for several years. A number of horses came very close but lost at the Belmont Stakes. He did the Trifecta this year and just completed his racing career with a win. Someone matched up video to see which horse would win if they raced against each other, American Pharoah or Secretariat. Check here to see the outcome.

Serious Bob

Here is Bob out working and spreading apples from the old trees on the property back where the deer congregate around the trail camera. It is serious work.

Doe and Fawns

The trail camera memory card was brought to the house for the latest round of pictures.
Here is one of a local doe and her two fawns (hiding in the grass).

Happy Jesse

David posted a photo today with Jesse in his carrier. A very happy boy and he is now responding by smiling when we interact with him. 12 weeks old now.

Dilbert and Daily Rituals

We all get in habits or rituals that happen every day. Whatever we do it must be done just a certain way. It must be comforting for us. It makes our world steady and safe. Like last night I had a hamburger from Carl's Jr for dinner. I like to eat around the edge first to eventually reach the juicier middle. Bob is used to how his mother and grandmother did things and will try to boss me in the kitchen to do the same. Doesn't go over well.

"I goofed around with the idea of creating physical triggers, but like most self-improvement techniques that require focused attention or (gawd forbid) homework, I never really followed through with it.
But I was recently reminded of a workaround for all of that self programming. I can just do what Dilbert does. Or the guy who created Dilbert anyway."

Read the whole article here.

Tawt I Saw a Puddy Tat

Mark Steyn is a writer who Bob and I enjoy reading. He is has a needle sharp wit that he uses in his writing and TV discussions. It appears he got a cat a year ago and quite enjoys having him. The cat is named Marvin. Mark Steyn did a Halloween video and he is a cat album coming out. More about it here.
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