Banbury Tale

In starting a book last night, I saw the name Bambury in it. My mind switched to the thought of Banbury Tales or “feeding us baloney” or “outright lying”. I believe there is an increasing frustration and dissatisfaction with our government. Much of it centers on the fact that our elected leaders, especially the President, do not speak the truth often. Most of what we hear is misdirection or lies spoken as “the truth”. Sometimes the lies are blatant and the person speaking such Tales does not even care if it is called a lie. There appear to be no consequences for telling lies so it just escalates. It is like a little kid who did something wrong and stands there going “NaNaNa, you can’t touch me!” Because few care to do anything about it. The media won’t and that is so disturbing. We are losing our sense of right and wrong and ability to follow the rule of law. A post I came across this morning after I decided to write about this topic seems to touch a bit on this and point out how utterly worthless the media is in this day and age.
Postscript: Another article about truth and how lies creep into creating an ideological “truth” is also written about here.

Best Sitcoms

Conversation can be a lifeline and lifeblood within our lives. One can learn so much about people and new ideas through stimulating conversation. Listen to the person next to you, don’t overlook them or dismiss them. A great way to get conversation going is to ask a “Who is” or a “What is” type of question. Certainly, I would imagine there would be a lot of discussion over what are the top 100 sitcom episodes of all time. Certainly, one writer has a list here. Number One on his list is a good one: Never Bathe on Saturday from the Dick Van Dyke show in 1965.

His Number Two is actually my favorite and part of a series that I saw in a British paper listing the top British comedies of all times--Fawlty Towers. The episode in question is titled, “Communication Problems”. I was dying laughing watching this the first time. Basil Fawlty’s interaction over “missing money” with an older woman with a hearing problem was superb. The other episode in their list from this series is “The Germans”. Bob and I still will look at each other and say, “Don’t mention Z-War!” We stayed in the late 1990s at the Lewtrenchard Inn in Devon England. There were two German men eating dinner in the hotel’s dining room who could substitute for the German men in this episode. Basil Fawlty brought it all in focus for us. Life is the basis for sitcoms, just look at Seinfeld.

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