Whither Scotland?

In reading different news articles, one comes across interesting current affairs. One of those was an article in the Daily Telegraph commenting on how the Scots at one time were the envy of the world in ingenuity and vitality. Maybe not for the emigres, yet the clearances were a boon to the rest of the world with the arrival of hard-working industrious Scots people. They are seeking their independence from the United Kingdom. Evidentally, the country is much more on the government assistance wagon and it is approximately 88% who take more than they contribute in taxes. This may be where we are headed in our country if we don’t change course.
At least though the article was disturbing about entitlements, it did have a link to about 20 gorgeous pictures of Scotland and the life of the people there. I am including a photo here of the rugged Highlands and heathered hills north of the River Dee valley and near the River Don. The day was getting cool and about 10 days later this part of Scotland had snow.


The Highlands near Alford, between Kildrummy and Craigievar Castles.
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