Men's Lives

It has distressed and frustrated me to see over the past 9 months the “War on Women” theme come from the Democratic Party. This is a phony war and I see that women are strong, talented, intelligent………we are not the dependent creatures that this political buy-out would make us out to be. I have grown in a career where I was in an essence an early pioneer of women working publicly as a veterinarian. I was the first woman to work in Clark County Washington as a veterinarian, so I have seen how much women have gained in stature in the last 40 years. I came across an interesting article written to highlight the marriage and partnership of her parents. The mother and the father worked together to enhance each other’s lives, not dismiss the other as unworthy due to what their sex is.

Here is a photo of my mother and father together. This article makes me think of the example they set for me and how they helped make me the strong woman I am. I do not feel I am being “warred upon” other than my intelligence by a political party that wants to get ahead.

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