Linn County

County Fair

This weekend has been the time for our annual Linn County Fair. Bob has been a trooper and agreed to help again this year to feed the volunteers. It takes pretty much a full day’s worth of hours to drive back and forth and serve the food. They have been able to work out good menus of getting food from CostCo to make sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and BBQ burgers and hot dogs that seem to go over well. They have also found that the pasta meals from Pizza Hut with their breadsticks goes over well and works out quite well for a dinner.

Me, I like to wander over to the “fair food” section and scope out the “not good for you” goodies. The curly french fries, the brick of fries, corn dogs, elephant ears, and had a sample of deep fried apple slices-- Yum! I made a quick trip around the exhibits, mostly the photography part, just to see what I can aspire to. I didn’t make it out to the animal barns or to the pig races.

It is great to see faces you know and talk to neighbors while there.I used to exhibit sheep and cattle at the fair when in high school so I get very sentimental with all of this. A sense of community is important........especially noted after the Aurora CO gun attack on a movie theatre the same day. That city is pulling together and supporting each other. Living in a small community does give that sense of closeness. That is also why we have tried to stay active in Neighborhood Watch and promote the program at prior Linn County Fairs (see photo).

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