Cat Show

Toybob Cats

This show was the debut of the Toybob cats from Russia. They had some kittens there who were adorable. The price ranges from $1500 pet to upwards of $3000 or so for breeding cats. The kittens were calling my name wanting to find a home with us.


Show Hall

This is a big cat show in numbers of entries and the gate. Here is the show hall off across the convention center at the Holiday Inn near the airport.


Scooper Bowl

At lunch time, they had the scooper bowl for young people. You had to scoop as many Jelly Beans from the cat litter box as you could in 1 minute and demerits for too much litter.

It was fun to watch and I did get a video of the activity. Here is a photo.


Kitty In Window

How much is that kitty in the window. The one with the cute little sweater since we don't have a haricot. This is either a Sphynx or a Rex cat but couldn't tell for sure at the distance.


Pre-Cat Show

Headed up to Portland today to have a booth at the TICA Portland International Cat Show.This is the first experience being at a cat show as an exhibitor for me. Here is the booth set up though we moved the banner onto the table.

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