A Coastal Birthday

A cold day in the Valley but a sunnier yet cold day at the Oregon Coast. We headed on our for Lincoln City to shop at the outlet stores and eat at Kyllo's in Lincoln City. We enjoy the seafood there and it is consistently good. It is so nice to get away from home and work even for part of a day.

The pass and trees were covered with snow coming back from Newport to Corvallis. It was spitting snow in Corvallis and cold at home but the roads were not bad.

Here I get to enjoy some sparkling wine at Kyllo's to celebrate. Good food, fun times.
vicki-birthday-coast-top 1-2-17

Bob's meal: Crab stuffed halibut on potatoes. It was very tasty looking. I had fish and chips along with a Oregon hazelnut and blue cheese salad with small shrimp. Yum.


Sunsetting On My Day

Some days start out great and one can feel happy. They can turn on a dime and not end up being a happy day at all. My day today was very much sensated.

People, Beach, and Sunset on Coast

Spending the night at Lincoln City. The sunset was pretty cool and I was able to capture it with the small Nikon camera.


Rocks and Milk

How the waves foam over the rocks looks so cool, like foamy milk being poured over a dark surface. I love the patterns of how the water foams over the surface. This was taken with a telephoto lens down to the rocks at Depot Bay.

Bob Can Fly

Is Bob trying to mimic the seagulls that are close by on the Oregon beach near Lincoln City or is he just acting goofy for the camera? I will leave that for the viewer to decide…..


Wave Spouts

Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast has some of the most intriguing and spectacular waves that hit the rocks along the bay. One phenomenon is where the wave hits so hard and at the right angle that there are wave spouts that merge upward. Fun to watch. Here is one….

Beach Dog Ball

Following up on the photo of the two dogs romping on the beach, I did get a photo of one of them running and playing with a yellow ball, much like the one Dervish has. It is fun to watch dogs have a great time at play. This was taken at the beach in the center part of Lincoln City.

Dogs Having Beach Fun

The beach near the D River and the Shearwater Inn seems to collect a lot of beach goers, animals, and kite flyers. I was able to catch a couple of dogs having fun running along the beach, into the waves, and playing catch with a yellow-green ball like our dogs. The dogs here enjoy their beach run, for some reason our dogs don’t seem to enjoy it like their romps in the trees and pastures here.

Morning Sun Breaks Over Ocean

Before we left the Shearwater Inn early this morning, there was a beautiful break in the clouds where the sun burst through to highlight the sky, ocean, and beach. I was able to snap some photos from the room balcony. Here is just one of the several photos I took of this sight.

The Splash of Oceans

We were off to the Oregon coast today for a getaway. Staying overnight at the Shearwater Inn in Lincoln City as a Super Bowl viewing treat. We spent a good portion of the day shopping and sightseeing along the coast. It was a fairly nice day with some beach sun. When I was not taking pictures, Bob went and got a good photo of a wave splashing at the outlook tip near Boiler Bay. Nice colors and swirls to the wave as it pounded against the rocks. We saw a lot more wave action this trip than one month ago.

Birthday Coastal Trip

We made an early drive over to the Oregon Coast today. We went by way of Highway 20 to Newport and then up the coast to Lincoln City. It was a day to see some sun, beaches, shop, and have lunch at Kyllo’s. Kyllo’s is the better seafood place in Lincoln City as far as I am concerned. We split a salad, a yummy shrimp cocktail, halibut and chips w/prawns, and a scrumptious coconut almond ganache pie. It was just great to get over to see some sunshine. It was warmer there and the wind was not blowing. It really seemed like a calm day at the coast. Good to have a relaxing day for a birthday. Here is a photo I got of a lovely home at the edge of Depoe Bay.

Cat and Kittens Rocks

A short way south of our motel in Bandon was a nice beach with several rocks farther out in the surf off the beach. One cluster of rock formations are called the Cat and Kittens Rocks. Since they brought to mind the love of cats, I had to get a picture of the grouping.
Cat and Kittens Rocks, Bandon

Sunset Bay

There is a small bay west of Coos Bay that is called Sunset Bay. It is a frequently photographed place since it is a spectacular spot for sunset viewing. It is also a pleasant spot for picnicking, beach walking, water sport, and fun at the coast. At least, on a sunny warm day such as this one was for us.
Bob observing the scenery.


Beach Play

One of the fun things for children at the Coast is to play in the sand and water. I caught a couple of boys enjoying their activities. The younger wanted to play in the sand; the older preferred to build log structures. The later activity was a struggle and he was never able to place one log up into the fork of another log.

Coastal Symbiosis

After several visits to the various western states coastal sites, I don’t think I have seen such a gathering of seal types in one location like I did near Cape Arago and Sunset Bay west of Coos Bay, Oregon. It was amazingly noisy with all the “barking” that they do. Interspersed with the different types of seals are birds, such as pelicans. They seem to be at ease with each other and Mother Nature as the ocean waves break over the rocks they share.

Pier Pilings

There are a number of interesting compositions along the river shores near the Coast. It makes it hard to pick which is the best of the bunch. It is just fun to play around with what is there. Here are some Coquille River pilings that look like sentinels at watch, protecting the near by shore from invaders.

Cape Arago and Coos Bay

On this day we headed north to Coos Bay to see the area west of that town and visit the state parks, beaches, and the lighthouse there. It was another warm day with sun. How spectacular can that be! We found the community west of North Bend very depressed economically with many abandoned buildings. The state parks and beaches were not crowded and were lovely to visit. Great to come back to with the rest of the family.
Cape Arago Lighthouse

40th Anniversary

Today is our 40th anniversary. What a milestone and miracle. I remember worrying about making our 25th due to concerns about my health. We did it. It started a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly in Bandon. What a perfect day for photography! Here is my earlier morning photos of the Coquille Lighthouse with the sun from the east highlighting it.
Coquille Lighthouse at Bandon

Bandon to Brookings

We had not spent any time on the Southwest Oregon Coast so that was our trip this holiday. We got into Bandon at about 9 pm last night in the midst of coastal fog, mist, and rain. We had a nice motel lined up by Table Rock. Our room was spacious and comfortable, called the Anniversary Room. Lovely, bright red and gold furnishings.
After a nice breakfast, we headed south to make Brookings, the last town on the Oregon coast before California. One highlight was stopping at the oldest lighthouse in Oregon, built in 1870, called Cape Blanco. The day before this, the weather had been foggy and misty. One could not see the lighthouse from the gate area below. The Langlois (pronounced Lang-less) and Hughes families were keepers for the lighthouse. They raised families there in bad weather and isolation.
Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Cape Kiwanda

The rain is coming down hard today and it is snowing heavily in the mountains. So it makes for a nice thought to reflect back to a sunny day at the Oregon Coast. It is always striking to visit Pacific Beach and Cape Kiwanda. If there is time, the restaurant and brewery close by is a good place to relax and have tasty food.

Cape Kiwanda-1-28-13

More Family Beach

While at the Oregon coast I like to take a lot of photos. The ocean waves look great though photos also need interaction and activity, so getting photos of families or pets can add a bit. One set of photos I took the first day where of a family with two little boys who were enjoying running in the sand with their father (when they weren’t hanging close to mom). Enjoy!
family and beach-1-10-13


A couple of interesting shots while staying at the coast. Our room faced a vacation home on the side of a dune hill next to the hotel. The family had placed a couple of “Andy” and “Annie” figures in the window much as if they were looking back at the snoopy neighbors, like us.


A beautiful wave roll…………..


Coast Goodbye

Packed up the latter part of the morning for the trip home. I did try to keep my eyes open for some photo opportunities. While I got the colors of the sunset in the waves last night, we also had a bit of a colorful sunrise and colors in the waves this morning. The moon was also on the descent above the sunrise and made for an interesting take for the morning.
sunrise through waves-1-3-13
Sunrise through the waves

Sunrise moon


Today is a big 61 for me. A quiet day at the coast going down to Depoe Bay to get fudge and salt water taffy. Later after lunch we drove up to Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda. It is always beautiful there. Sunny today though windy and cold when out on the beach. The rock is so iconic for the Oregon coast. The end of the day brought Les Miserables, the movie. What a sad joy the story and music are. One Day More………….I Dreamed a Dream…
Cape Kiwanda-top-1-2-13
Cape Kiwanda

sunset through waves-bottom-1-2-13
Sunset through the waves
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