Silly Walks

I have covered a few of the great type of comedic insults that one can enjoy, especially with British humor.

I have not dealt with some Monty Python comedy. One of the best is John Cleese's skit about the Ministry of Silly Walks. I enjoy this because you get people saying to you, "Walk This Way". I want to then do a John Cleese long stretch step for a walk.

This article talks about a small village in England where a man is getting many in the village to do a silly walk for his camera. He has posted these walks online.
Here is the story.

Lessons Learned From Our Dog

Today was a bit of a mix. We had to leave mid-morning to drive up to Tualatin for me to spend 6 hours at the Cat Adoption Team strategic planning session. It was a good session and Marla McGeorge's house on the Tualatin River was lovely. A shame it was cooler today with some rain.
In the meantime, a little humor must fall so here are some illustrations on the lessons we can learn from our dogs.

Hey Abbott 2

It is another day, another dollar. At least to Lou Costello as he tries to have Bud Abbott explain what Lou is getting paid. I am sure we all feel this way in this day and age when taxes are going up and paychecks are getting smaller. Enjoy the funniest pair around, as demonstrated by another pair of actors since Universal won't allow the original routines to be viewed. Pre-Seinfeld days.

Hey Abbott

The cream of the crop, the ultimate is the Who is On First Routine of Abbott and Costello. My ultimate favorite and will put a smile on my face every day. Please watch the ultimate comedy routine at some time when available (copyright issues) with exquisite timing. One can also find on YouTube the “This is Your Life, Lou Costello” episode with host Ralph Edwards from 1956. Ah time flies!
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