The USS Constitution

Along the lines that it is another historical anniversary, it is the United States Navy's 240th anniversary. Six frigates were build to protect our new nation. One of those is the USS Constitution. This frigate has been docked in Boston and they have been working on the appropriate spot to dock her. Bob was able to visit the frigate when we were in Boston in 2012. Here is a lovely photo he took of his visit. Other photos are here.


The Arabia

There is an interesting story online about the finding of a Mississippi River boat that had sunk in 1856 and quickly buried in the river silt. Individuals have excavated and salvaged the site using their own money. It cost at least $1 million to do this and they then have set up a museum in a local abandoned vegetable warehouse. To clean and display all the items from the paddle wheeler will take another 30 years of work. Read about it here.
Hardware salvaged from the Arabia


Living close to reservoirs and lakes here in Oregon, I would love to have a boat. Certainly, it would be wonderful to have a sailboat on to use on the Columbia River. Sadly, they do like to use up money for maintenance and so we most likely will not get a boat.

Here is a lovely sailboat in a setting east of Halifax on the way to Cape Breton Island.

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