William Blake

Bob and I have visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. It was a fascinating trip through the museum and they had really good food there as I remember. I came across this article about William Blake, a well-known writer/artist. His exhibit is considered different. So if you wish to enter that world and find out why, look here.

War Poets 100 Years Ago

There was a lot of poetry and literature that came from the angst and terrible times of World War I. Amazing thought and words on paper. With the War’s Centennial, there is an effort to highlight and showcase the poetry from that time. One example is Wilfred Owen, a soldier and poet, who died just before war’s end. More information is located online. Here is a demonstration of some of that work.

Three lives hath one life—

Iron, honey, gold.

The gold, the honey gone—

Left is the hard and cold.

—Isaac Rosenberg, from ‘August 1914’

Checking Out Poetry

Do you like poetry? I find that I do, at least certain types and when I am presented with it. We probably don’t appreciate it as much as we should. Certainly, my favorite is Emily Dickinson. I seem to find her work will dig into my psyche more than most poets. I did come across a Poetry Foundation online where one can find certain poets and their work with some background information along with the poems. It is a good source to have handy so here it is.
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