The Esmeralda, Lost and Found

Vasco de Gama was one of the great explorers during the Age of Discovery, looking for trade routes to India and other parts of the world. On one of his voyages, his uncle broke off with 5 ships to attack Arab ships to plunder. One was the Esmeralda which sank losing all on board. Parts of the ship have been found off the coast of Oman. More can be found here.

More Battle of the Bulge

The internet seems to be putting out more photos and information around the Battle of the Bulge from World War II. This article explains why it was Hitler's last hoorah and the stake through his heart.


The Lost Kingdom of Rheged

History refound? Archeologists may have found the lost kingdom of Rheged, an elusive kingdom from the 6th century of Dark Age Britain. More here.

"The mysterious kingdom was pre-eminent in northern Britain in the sixth century, but faded into obscurity after it was deliberately destroyed in the beginning of the following century.

Historians had speculated that the kingdom was headquartered in Cumbria, a county in north west England, but no evidence of it was ever found. Then digs carried in 2012 at Trusty's Hill, which overlooks the Fleet valley in Galloway in south-west Scotland, revealed clues of the presence of a royal stronghold."

Cat Beds

We came home from the cat show with two soft flannel/microfiber pillow beds for the cats. One thought was to have this washable soft piece for Oscar besides the towel and our blanket. He seems to have taken well to this pillow bed and I wish we had gotten more.

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