Us Versus Them

There have been a number of articles about how the administration wants to push more for a state of collectivism. We ALL work together to achieve our goals and do great things. I disagree that there is a collectivism theme. I think there is more an “us versus them” theme. Splitting into different interest groups and pitting those who count against the stupid, little people who don’t. It is sad and it is discouraging. We lose our liberty and freedom, our sense of who were are. One discussion of a similar vein is found here.

Stuck on Stupid

Today is the inauguration ceremony day. This is the day of parades and parties in Washington DC, speeches and public involvement. I will not be viewing, celebrating, or participating in any manner. This is a day to me that demonstrates we really are “stuck on stupid” and picked a man who will reap on the American people what he sows in policies. I see a drift in totalitarian type government and a makers versus takers entitlement culture. Our constitutional freedoms are up for grabs as we go along. If we don’t know what the rules are, we will be adrift as a country in time and will only know the rules put down by the Leader-In-Charge. Scary thing. A number of articles came out today on how our economy and politics are being driven to look more European in nature. One such article is here. Will many of the people living in the United States come to look like this.
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