The Wild Blue Colored Yonder

Beautiful sunrise this morning. I caught a photo of an airplane winging its way, visualized through the bright clouds, likely from PDX to elsewhere land.

wild-blue-yonder- 9-25-15

Home from Jersey

After visiting the website designer for Winn’s new website, Bob and I headed to the Newark airport to catch a flight home to Portland and then Lebanon. Unfortunately, I was not on the side of the plane to see the New York City skyline as we left. What a shame to miss that view though one can see the Empire State Building and the new Freedom Tower in the skyline as you look toward there from Newark.

Five Worst Fighter Aircraft

Following what was a discussion of flight and why birds and planes fly in a V formation, here is an article about the five worst fighter aircraft of all time. One of the first ones mentioned was the Buffalo which had a nickname of The Flying Coffin. That does not engender any sense of confidence. See what others are on this list and why by reading here.

Early Morning

We had to get up before 3 a.m. in San Antonio to catch the flight home. We had pretty smooth sailing along the way through Salt Lake and landed about 9:30 a.m. Home about 1 p.m. It is amazing how travel can wear a person out in trying to get unpacked and details finished up.

Clever Work

I came across a story about a family who were clever in how they took advantage of a product promotion and giveaway. If they purchased a particular chocolate pudding and sent in the product labels, they would earn air miles on American. They have well over 1 million miles that they are using to take trips around the world. They continue to build on the air miles and have higher member status to get travel perks. This probably was done around the year 2000 so whether anyone could do a similar program now is unlikely. It was clever how they used a small amount of money with some effort to obtain a very nice perk of travel. Read about it here.

Pilot Error

There has been a lot of focus the past few days on a Boeing 777 plane that crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport. It is an airport I have flown into a number of times. The weather was good at the time and from all the news coverage and a look at the site, I said early on this had the hallmarks of pilot error. All the data and information is leaning that way currently. This morning has a posting of a video that followed the whole landing and it is a miracle the plane did not cartwheel at the end as initially reported. I can see why they felt it had landed on its top based on eye witness reports after viewing this video.
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