General Grant

Bob Plays Grant

We visited Pittsburg Landing at the Shiloh National Battlefield. It is right alongside (west side) of the battlefield especially where the Union soldiers were stationed and near Grant's headquarters. The photo shows where the Union soldiers were ferried and unloaded from transport boats on the Tennessee River. Bob is walking alongside the river at the beachhead. We are just south of the Catfish Hotel Restaurant location, maybe 1/4th mile.
It is good that we were able to visit and have a decent weather day, slightly warm with a mix of clouds and sun. There was recently a cold snap with snow and rolling blackouts in central and eastern Tennessee.

The Graves-Shiloh Battlefield Cemetery

One strikingly serene and beautiful spot at the Shiloh Battlefield National Park was the cemetery. The grass and trees on the rolling terrain evoked the sadness of the loss of soldiers on both sides of the fight. There is a larger memorial than in the accompanying photo that announces the location of General Grant's headquarters and tent in that location. Along this area was the Union Army's center which they needed to hold in the face of Confederate troops. The Union almost lost this battle though they came back when additional troops arrived from other parts of Tennessee. Both sides battled to a draw and lived to fight another day or 3 years.
Shiloh Nat Bttle cemetery

General Lee

I have written in this blog about General Grant. His opposite in the Civil War was General Robert E. Lee. No question another leader who inspires leadership and devotion from the people he led. An example mentioned….

To invoke such a presence, to feel it like old music always new, invariably gives pause. The young officer in Stephen Vincent Benet's "John Brown's Body" pauses before he enters Lee's tent to deliver his dispatch. Looking at the shadow of the figure within bent over his papers, knowing that The War is inevitably winding down, the messenger can only wonder:

What keeps us going on? I wish I knew. Perhaps you see a man like that go on. And then you have to follow.

To read more about this, look here.
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