Grant Moves Now

Earlier this week The History Channel had a 3-night, 2-hour TV program on Ulysses S. Grant. It was quite well done with a mix of re-enactments and commentary by current military figures and cultural historians. It laid out the Civil War battle strategies well to where they were understood. Grant has always been Misunderestimated as a figure in history. Much has been covered and yet much needs still to be learned.

I have written on this blog previously about having a leather bound set of The Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant. I likely have 4-5 other books on Grant in our library. The books pictured following are the set of Memoirs that I have inherited.


Berlin Sunrise Color May 2020

Yesterday morning about 6 a.m. the clouds were light in the eastern sky. The sun was coming up and created a lovely sunrise. One area over the Peter Mountains had a cloud tail as if it were likely raining there. It was a beautiful bit of color to greet the world. I do love seeing these sunrises.


Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day has opened this morning before 6 a.m. with a beautiful sunrise that has a bit of color to it.

While it is always great to be at home and share Memorial Day with family and the local community, I have always said that the best Memorial Days spent are in Washington D.C. In spite of all the ugly politics, to visit the Memorials honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice is beyond special. Time at Arlington Cemetery with the changing of the Old Guard to reading the special tributes written by family members to their lost loved ones at the World War II Memorial is a memory that will always linger.

Here is an article describing some of the tributes to Medal of Honor recipients found in Powerline. Just one version of how this special holiday can be viewed. Below is a picture from a trip to Arlington Cemetery to watch the changing of the Old Guard.


Kipling and the first World War

Rudyard Kipling is a famous figure in English Literature and part of English history and culture during the early 20th Century. He gave an ultimate sacrifice with the loss of his son in the Battle of Loos during World War I. So many gave the ultimate and in so many ways, unnecessarily.

Kipling and his wife went after the war to visit the battlefield hoping to find their son's body or to hear more of the story around his death. It is hard to say if they got comfort by doing this.

Here is an article about this and how this episode relates to the current pandemic.

Vada Posing

After so many weeks of being cautious and stay at home, stay away from others during the coronavirus pandemic, I finally got to babysit and spend time with Miss Vada at her house. She is an apple-loving, posing little girl who can be quite silly. It is fun right now to hit on grandma and then giggle or laugh. What fun! And Oh, to have two such cute pigtails in the mix too.

Vada posing 5-21-20

Silly Walks

I have covered a few of the great type of comedic insults that one can enjoy, especially with British humor.

I have not dealt with some Monty Python comedy. One of the best is John Cleese's skit about the Ministry of Silly Walks. I enjoy this because you get people saying to you, "Walk This Way". I want to then do a John Cleese long stretch step for a walk.

This article talks about a small village in England where a man is getting many in the village to do a silly walk for his camera. He has posted these walks online.
Here is the story.
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