Parterre 2020 Version

This past 2 years have been difficult to work on our garden areas and keep them clean up from weeds and grass. Many are a bit overgrown. Age and medical issues have caught up to us. I will say that our parterre area is looking particularly nice and mature this year. One area to enjoy and be pleased on how it has turned out from our small version of an English type of garden. Enjoy the view!

Parterre 2020 small

Berlin Sunrise Color May 2020

Yesterday morning about 6 a.m. the clouds were light in the eastern sky. The sun was coming up and created a lovely sunrise. One area over the Peter Mountains had a cloud tail as if it were likely raining there. It was a beautiful bit of color to greet the world. I do love seeing these sunrises.

Berlinsunrise 05252020

A Glaze of Ice

I woke up early in the morning while it was still dark outside. The yard light was on and just showed how the light glares off the slick ice. I hope it melts soon.