Bob Plays Grant

We visited Pittsburg Landing at the Shiloh National Battlefield. It is right alongside (west side) of the battlefield especially where the Union soldiers were stationed and near Grant's headquarters. The photo shows where the Union soldiers were ferried and unloaded from transport boats on the Tennessee River. Bob is walking alongside the river at the beachhead. We are just south of the Catfish Hotel Restaurant location, maybe 1/4th mile.
It is good that we were able to visit and have a decent weather day, slightly warm with a mix of clouds and sun. There was recently a cold snap with snow and rolling blackouts in central and eastern Tennessee.

50th Anniversary Day

Today is our 50th Wedding Anniversary Day. It is a day that has seemed long in the future yet it is now here. We were such young people then, 20 and 21, and just in the middle of college years. Last evening, we had dinner at an upscale restaurant, Sweet Reds Bistro, in Albany. The wife half of a lovely couple celebrating their 22nd anniversary took our photo and we found later they had covered $100 toward our dinner. It was a special end to a special evening leading to a special day next.

Bob-Vicki wedding 9-1-1973 small


Happy 62nd Birthday, Bob

It is the Bobble's birthday today. Both of his sons did stop by to say Happy Birthday which is a very nice thing for an old man. We pretty much had a quiet day and went for Thai food for dinner in Lebanon. What a couple of old people.
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