American Frontier

White Ghetto

Being a big Justified TV show fan, one has to wonder what southeast Kentucky and Harlan County are really like. Bob and I have certainly been in the more central part of Kentucky, south of Louisville, toward Danville and then slightly eastward to Frankfort. One writer, Kevin Williamson, has written a long article about Owsley County, Kentucky which is north of Harlan County and considered the poorest county in the United States. He has titled the article, The White Ghetto, and it does give a sad and discouraging look at parts of the rural countryside in areas of the U.S. where people have little work and local industry. They live for their “draw” from the federal government. Bob and I laugh at one of our favorite scenes in an episode of Justified is a Raylon Jennings looking for a suspect up in the hills of Appalachia where the family members are agitated and frequently spouting “don’t touch my draw” as this is the worst thing in the world to them (which it probably is). There are towns here in Oregon that may approach this type of scenario. Cascadia, east of here, on Highway 20 might come close. Our son, Scott, swears Falls City which is west of Independence, OR would also fit. I am sure there are more. For a read of Williamson’s article, go here.

Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr was alternatively an American Statesman, once Vice President of the United States, and an opportunist bordering on traitor. He is well-known for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel before his life went further into disarray. I came across a short article that gave a synopsis of his history and describes how we as ordinary people in our lives and surroundings may cross paths with parts of history. Sometimes we know it is happening, other times we may be unaware.
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