The Melungeons

Not far from where my paternal grandfather and family were located and also my maternal ancestors came from, there is located an obscure group of American people, the Melungeons. I have never heard of them yet that means little. There is so much to learn in this world. Were my people part of this group since they are located in far NE Tennessee and the Clinch River Valley. Who knows. But more on the Melungeons here.

" Some lived over the state line on Stone Mountain, in other craggy parts of western Virginia and North Carolina and in eastern Kentucky. But the ridge and this valley were their heartland.
The story of the Melungeons is at once a footnote to the history of race in America and a timely parable of it. They bear witness to the horrors and legacy of segregation, but also to the overlooked complexity of the early colonial era. They suggest a once-and-future alternative to the country’s brutally rigid model of race relations, one that, for all the improvements, persists in the often siloed lives of black and white Americans today. Half-real and half-mythical, for generations the Melungeons were avatars for their neighbours’ neuroses; latterly they have morphed into receptacles for their ideals, becoming, in effect, ambassadors for integration where once they were targets of prejudice."

Elements Table of Famous Inventors

Someone did a fund table of using a graphic to coordinate different famous inventors or scientists. It is a form of the Elements Table of people and their names. Enjoy!

They Vote

I noticed an interesting blog about that had video showing how when some people were interviewed about the inauguration days before it happened (today is the official day), they could describe what the inauguration was like the night before. This is disconcerting because these people vote and their votes could count toward serious policy issues and changes in this country. Yet, they are not paying attention nor are aware of what is happening around them or just make it up. The blog piece is here.
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