Kids and AgFest

The outing today out of the house was up to Salem with David, Renee and the boys to the Oregon AgFest. It appears that the AgFest is a way to expose people and especially children to agriculture. It is a great idea and other than the slow entry gates, it was a well done affair. Many do not understand where milk and eggs come from or how we grow our food. Oregon has a great agriculture background and it needs to be promoted. First up was the Petting Zoo area where kids could see all types of livestock and poultry. They even had sheep shearing demonstrations. I do remember how to do that since my days of raising sheep.

Nicolas at the alpaca area
After this area, we went to the Pavilion where they had booths for kids to learn how to graft apple trees, grow grass seeds, grow vegetables like tomatoes and how to raise bees. It was a sensory overload for Nicolas through the whole visit.
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