Lessons Learned From Our Dog

Today was a bit of a mix. We had to leave mid-morning to drive up to Tualatin for me to spend 6 hours at the Cat Adoption Team strategic planning session. It was a good session and Marla McGeorge's house on the Tualatin River was lovely. A shame it was cooler today with some rain.
In the meantime, a little humor must fall so here are some illustrations on the lessons we can learn from our dogs.

Elk and Corn

Bob and I had a big surprise this morning when we drove on our driveway past his garden. The elk had moved through over night and had a field day eating corn stalks and corn. Even squash plants. The driveway was disturbed and big hoof prints in the dirt. The following photo is an example.


Bob and I once went to the Field Museum in Chicago and saw the exhibit on the destruction of Pompeii by Mt. Vesuvius. Someone put together a computer animation of the destruction. One can watch it here.

Seal Team 6 and 2002

The Fog of War they call it. Currently they are considering a Medal of Honor for a man who may have been mistakenly left behind in battle, who fought on against the enemy until almost rescued he did succumb. The story is here.

"An airman with the unit is being considered
for the Medal of Honor after new video
analysis suggested that he fought alone
bravely in a 2002 battle on an Afghan peak."


Patricia and Cats

Bob and I had lunch today in Eugene with Dr. Patricia Shea. She finally completed the purchase of Cat Care where she is the owner. It is so good to have a friend and good cat person owning the place to where I can feel I can have a relationship with practice and cats again. Good food and good times at Cat Care and good Thai food at TaRaRin.

Dr. Zhivago's Lara

Was there a muse for the character Lara in the great novel, Dr. Zhivago? Did Boris Pasternak have a lover who was also doomed in the system? His great niece states he did. More information here from a review of her book.
Dr. Zhivago, the movie by David Lean was extraordinary piece of film making.

Irish Travellers

There are the Romany who travel in Europe and also in parts of the U.S. There is a group of Travellers in Ireland who are Romany like but not Romany. They follow their own ways and have set gender roles. One person got close enough to spend time with them and photograph them. Here is more detail on their lives.

National Food Days

Here is the calendar for National Food Days for 2016. Very likely that these days carry over to 2017 and beyond. How cool is this?

Sunken Aircraft Carrier

What does a sunken aircraft carrier look like in the depths of the ocean? Mighty or not mighty in appearance? The carrier, the USS Independence, of Jaws movie fame came into being in World War II. It was sunk purposefully in the 1950s. Now they are exploring the vessel deep in the ocean to gather its secrets. More here.

"The USS Independence joined the Pacific Fleet in 1943, participating in several raids on Japanese installations before encountering the business end of a torpedo. After a patch-up, it returned to fighting for the remainder of WWII, before encountering the business end of two nuclear bombs".

The Melungeons

Not far from where my paternal grandfather and family were located and also my maternal ancestors came from, there is located an obscure group of American people, the Melungeons. I have never heard of them yet that means little. There is so much to learn in this world. Were my people part of this group since they are located in far NE Tennessee and the Clinch River Valley. Who knows. But more on the Melungeons here.

" Some lived over the state line on Stone Mountain, in other craggy parts of western Virginia and North Carolina and in eastern Kentucky. But the ridge and this valley were their heartland.
The story of the Melungeons is at once a footnote to the history of race in America and a timely parable of it. They bear witness to the horrors and legacy of segregation, but also to the overlooked complexity of the early colonial era. They suggest a once-and-future alternative to the country’s brutally rigid model of race relations, one that, for all the improvements, persists in the often siloed lives of black and white Americans today. Half-real and half-mythical, for generations the Melungeons were avatars for their neighbours’ neuroses; latterly they have morphed into receptacles for their ideals, becoming, in effect, ambassadors for integration where once they were targets of prejudice."

Airplane Jokes

The family loves Airplane movies and jokes. Now they have had a panel rank the humor, jokes. I don't think I agree. How can you downgrade the phrase, "I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue." See all the rankings here.

Unconquered by Rome

So what was so tough about Scotland. Why was it hard to hold and conquer Scotland when they managed to do so with England and France. Rome lasted only 80 years as conqueror north of Hadrian's Wall. A description of their troubles can be found in this article.

Radiation Effects

What have been the long term effects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? An ongoing study has been following what has developed since. A report is here.

Scott's Walkup

Scott has gotten his house pretty well painted, new light out from and the newer screen door on. He just needs to finish the foundation around the sides and back. Too bad water is so costly to water the garden and lawn.

Bob and Wine Birthdays

We went out to dinner tonight with Scott at the 1847 Bar and Grill. We had some good salads and food. Bob was happy to get his glass of cabernet.

Cake for Jesse

Mom went all out and made a gummy bear cake for her little gummy bear, Jesse. He looks pretty comfy here in his little chair.

Jesse's Pizza Party

Jesse's more official birthday party with the rest of the family was this evening. Pizza and cake. We got to stop by after Bob's procedure at the Lebanon hospital.

Jesse and Papa Bob

Here is a cute one of Jesse having fun with Papa Bob on the "new" sofa at his new home. He is a smiley puss.

Jesse First Birthday

Today is Jesse's first birthday and he got to have some bacon and his own colorful pancakes. Here he is enjoying a bite with Mr. Ryan eating right alongside him.

The Iceman Cometh

You want to see what your ancestors wore in their fashion days. Look here.

"The Iceman was recovered back in 1991 with a full assortment of clothing, including a hide coat, skin leggings, fur hat, and hay-stuffed shoes. Due to the decomposition of the leather and fur over thousands of years, however, researchers have been unable to conclusively pinpoint specific animal species for some of the components of Ötzi's wardrobe."

Staples Out

Here is the new look of a scar post staples. Not the prettiest knee in the world.

A New Human Ancestor

A new human ancestor has been discovered. More about it here.

"This species, called Homo naledi, is the largest discovery of hominin fossils in Africa. So far, over 1,500 fossils have been found, and at least 15 individuals identified. This is the largest discovery of a single hominin species in ever found in Africa. H. naledi contains a mixture of ape-like characteristics, including a small brain, mixed in with more modern, human-like traits."

Face Forward

At least a 4 point buck giving us a full on face forward view.
4-point-buck 8-9-16

Big Rack Up Close

The bucks come out in daylight to show off too.

elk-horns 8-5-16

A Fawn

It is the season to see a number of fawns around the area. We have some on our place. Sadly a number end up hit by cars and dead alongside the road.

Moving Day

Today was moving day for David and Renee. We rented a UHaul truck and got pretty much everything from the place on Denny School Rd. and their storage over to the new house. Here is Jesse getting ready to go to move.

A Big Set of Horns

Some have to get into the picture at night time, especially with a big rack of horns.

Ace Wrap Off!

My first doctor visit post-surgery. They heavier wet resistant bandage is off and a lighter one is on. I still have to cover it to shower but if feels good to have it gone.

Elk Photo Bomb

Then we had an elk photo bomb the camera. "Ready for my close up Mr. Demille".

Turkey's Head

The trail camera picks up some interesting photos. We had a turkey photo bomb at the bottom on one picture.
turkey-head 8-2-16

House Painting

In the midst of surgery and all of this, Scott and his friends Deanna and Dan have been painting his house. Here is an example of the front walkway and the new colors of the house. The foundation needs painting since they got a lot of green before on it and it doesn't go with his house color.
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