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I have tried very hard over time to keep political views personal or within the family. It is so easy to strain friendships and relationships over differences of opinion in this area. If you wish to avoid politics altogether, I would skip this post.

I do have to write though over what I feel are very disturbing, yet enlightening, comments by the current President where he recently spoke about those with an entrepreneur spirit in our country. I have heard the comments from his supporters that he meant “roads and bridges” in this speech. Hogwash! The recent actions where Welfare Work Rules can now be waived due to an Executive Order, not a change in law, puts it into context for me. Bob saw a sign in Halifax, Nova Scotia that said, “Who will be the workers?” One really does wonder where will be the workers to support all those who “truly didn’t build that”.

I built a small business, a veterinary hospital, from pure scratch. I had a baby and a small child when I signed a 7 year lease on a 1400 sq. ft. space and I had NO clients and patients. Who else carried the risk? I would have been stuck paying the landlord for rent if I failed, not the government, and not our current President. Was he there when I had to get up and check a patient at 1 a.m.? Was he there sharing the responsibility to keep a business functioning because you have 15 people’s livelihoods on your shoulders? I don’t think so. I have not been a fan of the current resident of the White House though I try to respect the Presidency. I often think he does not always respect it when he uses his office and thug tactics to pit different groups of Americans against each other. I just don’t remember this happening to such a degree in the past and am distressed to see what is happening. People are responsible for living with their choices in life. At least I believe so, though that seems to be less and less so now.

I do think Jon Lovitz hit it out of the park with this example of “You didn’t build that..” (VT)

Spending Time with Friends

While in Las Vegas, we got to spend time with our friend, Dr. Marybeth Rymer. She was great about taking the photos for the Symposium and we had time to eat together and also take a drive up into the Red Rock Country. We also took her a jar of newly preserved home grown Strawberry jam. Yum.

Red Rock Country

This afternoon, since all the work and stress is essentially over, we took Marybeth's rental car up west of the resort to the Red Rock country and driving loop. There are trails and overlooks there. They have a neat visitor's center there too. It was hot but lots of fun. We also made it to Spring Valley Ranch, a state park, that is what was a working ranch in this area and also once owned by Howard Hughes (though he never visited).
redrockcanyon 7-1-16

2016 Winn Symposium

The Symposium for 2016 is over. This is one of the main events and projects I have to prepare for and work on each year. It is a lot of work yet it is nice when it comes to a conclusion and the audience is happy with the results.

Relaxing in Vegas

Today was getting some relaxation in before ramping up to the Winn board meeting at 5 p.m. Always plenty of details to pay attention to there. One last look at the pool and all the hotel guests who were enjoying it.

Poolside in Vegas

Another hot day in Las Vegas so we went out and found a spot under an umbrella to enjoy the pool and sun. Bob went swimming and I just dipped my feet to cool off.

Last Day in Indy

Our last full day in Indianapolis. We got up early to attend the VIN breakfast. Nice to chat and meet new people sitting at our table. Bob went running around the Convention Center and I went off to meetings for pretty much the full day. We will try to get an early to bed time since we have to get up around 3:30 a.m. ET to catch a cab for the airport.

Off to Lectures

The ACVIM meeting officially starts for the rest of us today. I am off to visit the lecture halls and listen to interesting cat related information and also Winn-funded research. It will be good to see some familiar faces and say Hi.
Dr. Emily Gould of University of Tennessee

Off to Indianapolis

We headed off early this morning from PDX to the ACVIM meeting in Indianapolis. Good flights and the weather was breezy but sunny in Indy. Our hotel was right downtown and about 3 blocks from the state Capitol building. Too bad we did not visit. We did go out for a steak dinner. The specialty of Harry and Izzy's is a big shrimp cocktail with shave horseradish in the cocktail sauce. Yum. Nose clearing but good.

What Happens In Vegas

I had to get up early today and catch a flight to Las Vegas. Plane was full and Las Vegas was sunny and warm, not hot. The airport is huge anymore since so many people travel to Vegas. it is a busy, crazy place. I was going to check in to the first day of the Western Veterinary Conference. Upwards of 15,000 people come to the conference. I stayed at the main conference hotel and it was crazy checking in. They were efficient in doing so and I had a nice room close to the elevators. The check in line snaked about 3-4 layers to the front desk as one can see in this photo.
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