Jewish Trove Found in Lodz Poland

One of the most heartbreaking and evil acts was the removal and extermination of Jews by the Nazis during World War ll from long established Jewish population centers. Man's inhumanity to other men or what they believe is an inferior culture. Have we move past this sort of behavior? I doubt it. What is called othering is still occurring today and will in the future.

Construction workers renovating an old tenement house in Lodz, Poland, unearthed a surprising find: an untouched cache of hundreds of Jewish artifacts believed to have been hidden in advance of the Nazi occupation of the city.

The trove — which included menorahs, kiddush and ritual washing cups and items from everyday life, all wrapped carefully in newspaper — was buried next to a building just beyond the ghetto in which Lodz’s Jews were imprisoned during the
Holocaust. Only about 10,000 Lodz Jews survived until the end of the war, out of a prewar population of about 230,000.
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