Vigelund Park

Vigelund Park Norway

I came across an article about unusual museums to consider visiting. Bob and I are good about visiting museums and getting "museum gout". This article had a short blurb about a park in Oslo Norway that is definitely an unusual place to visit. It is called Vigelund Park and I have several photos of a visit we made in the summer of 1993 visiting our Norwegian friends. The photo I will include in this post shows David at 13 years old and Scott at 10 years of age sitting on one of the statuary figures. The following info is from the article

One of the more bizarre museums of the world, the Vigeland Sculpture Park is an open-air park home to more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. It's one of Oslo's most-visited tourist destinations, and it's not difficult to understand why. The collection of bizarre statues includes naked human sculptures cast in bronze, iron and stone, and while some are depicted in traditional poses, there are quite a few engaged in weird scenarios, like hugging giant lizards and fighting flying babies. If the weather is sunny, make your way to this park to see humanity portrayed at its strangest.

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