Jordan Pond

Frog at Jordan Pond

I finally finished uploading all the relevant photos from the trip to our Cloud album and to our CEIVA receiver in the family room. It has always been fun to look over and see what photos are cycling through the receiver that day. And it is particularly enjoyable when I am able to add a new batch to the what is available. I was so excited one day to look over and see a photo of the Ha’Penny Bridge over the Liffey River in Dublin on the receiver screen. I think it was more of a double-take because it had my name on it as photographer. I had submitted the photo for a contest with CEIVA and here it was being shared with many others over the photo wire. HappyThis photo work episode inspired me to watch the photos as I uploaded them. For some reason, I enjoyed the one we got of the little frog in the water at the edge of Jordan Pond on Desert Island in Maine.


“Froggie go a courtin’, uh huh!” While trying to line up newsfeeds to use here and on the community Facebook page, I came across a website with great photos for the year.
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