Sad Day

Today was a very sad, yet frustrating day. Our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was murdered last night by rogue Islamists in Benghazi. Three other individuals were also slain. Much of this started with a video released by Zawahiri, now the number one person in Al Qaeda. With phrasing about the need for a response with Libya, the events started off with an attack on our embassy in Cairo. I believe this was a feint, a distraction, for the more significant attack in Benghazi. Zawahiri’s brother was an organizer of the attack in Cairo. This sort of behavior is the M.O. of Al Qaeda and radical Islamists. I am angry at our current administration for a number of reasons. The first is more of why with it being 9-11 and that is a day for focused threats, more care was not taken to protect our people and assets in such areas. I believe there was warning with this video. Who missed it? I said last night when it just was Cairo, everyone was treating it too casually and the media was totally not focused on reporting the problem. I am angry that the concerns are not taken more seriously and now our President is off campaigning while there is rioting in Cairo. What is wrong with us that we don’t speak up and say, “Enough, take care of business”. Meanwhile, a good man has given his life in service to our country. I salute him and his comrades who also lost their lives.
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