Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra, one of the Yankee baseball greats, passed away today at the age of 90. He was great with baseball and also his "Yogi Berraisms". Here is a link to Powerline's tribute which also includes a link to 53 of his greatest lines. Another great story is at

Young Baseball Fan

Ryan is going to take after his one Grandpa and show that he likes going to baseball games. Here he is at the Corvallis Knights game over near Reser Stadium with his parents.

Minor Leagues

Time change and travel seemed to sap my energy on this trip plus I needed to catch up work in the process, Bob went to see a minor league game at the nice Indianapolis baseball park near Downtown Indy.

Baseball and Spring Training

While in Tampa, people were headed to the region to go to spring training games for the Grapefruit League. My cab driver said that Tampa was the center for a number of teams spring training camps - Yankees, Tiger, Blue Jays for some. So the trivia question of the day is why do baseball managers wear their team's uniform instead of a suit like in other sports? Well, you can find out about it here.

Kooky Kansas City Cats

Sports fans are a bit strange and two guys who are long time Kansas City Royals baseball fans. By painting some wrestling one-suits with cat faces, they have become quite well known around TV for their attire and support of their team. Especially in the playoffs and World Series. We need to get the Catsuit Guys to say a good word for Winn Feline Foundation. See more about them.

Hall of Fame Day

Bob is a big lover of baseball. I, of course, picked up a lot of it from him and especially during the days that Tony LaRussa managed the Oakland A’s. Tony and his wife were clients of mine and they loved cats just like we do. We often competed on how many cats we both had in our families. Today, we watched Tony get the recognition he deserved as a baseball manager when he was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (a beautiful area of the country). For a little more of a read on the induction, check here.

All Star Cardinals

Powerline Blog had a recent post with discussion on who would make up an All Star lineup of the St. Louis Cardinals. The post is here and interesting reading. Tony LaRussa is the choice for manager of the team of all who have gone before. He did do a bang up job there and after doing a good job as manager of the Oakland Athletics where Bob and I knew him and his family.

LaRussa's Cats

The Wall Street Journal has a cool article about Tony and Elaine LaRussa and their work with ARF. It also focuses on their household of cats which I was the veterinarian for covering about 15 years. It looks like they still have Sierra and Kachina. Since I have been gone from there for 10 years, many of the cats they have are new and therefore, unknown to me. I was certainly there at the start of ARF and as a big supporter for it. Evie was housed at my hospital for a number of months until she went to live at a home rescue shelter associated with ARF. Here is the article.
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