Christmas Quilts

I was able to give some of the quilts I have been working on to some of the grandkids. It is great to be able to see the final product and that they can enjoy and have these for the ages.
For Ryan and Jesse, the quilts are heavy enough to keep them covered and warm for those cold winter nights like today.
Ryan and Jesse asleep under their matching quilts.

Vada with her purple accented unicorn quilt.

A Quilting We Will Go

I recently finished a quilt I started about 10+ years ago at a quilting class in Sweet Home. It is called House in the Hamptons. I am pleased I was able to complete it and it looks good. Not perfect yet colorful. It is more a lap quilt size or wall hanging. Here is this early masterpiece.

Dracula Beckons with Halloween

Halloween is coming! The last and latest Halloween movie will be out on the 14th.

But let's start with the novel, Dracula, written by Bram Stoker.

Here are some facts found in a recent fact of the day email.

"If you know anything about Transylvania, it’s probably that Dracula calls it home. Yet the author of Dracula, Irish writer Bram Stoker, never even visited Romania’s spookiest region. The town of Whitby, England — home to a 13th-century monastery called Whitby Abbey, which is surrounded by gravestones and has been in ruins for hundreds of years — was actually the most direct influence on the setting of the 1897 vampire novel. Stoker spent four weeks in Whitby between July and August of 1890, a visit that helped inspire his depiction of Dracula’s lair."

There have been 272+ depictions of Dracula in film. Largest number of any character. It took Bram Stoker 7 years to write the novel; he wrote 11 other novels beyond Dracula.
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