Scooby Doo

We adopted a rambunctious new kitten from Cat Adoption Team the day after Thanksgiving. He is living in the office for now. He does love to play and also be held and loved.


First Big Snow Visible

We are getting snow on the Peter Mountains and Snow Peak. Here is one of the most striking. Nothing close to the Valley floor yet.


Blood Red Century

The New York Times believes they think and speak for all of us or how we should think. Not me. I am too much of a history buff and have read of what the Soviet regime was like under Lenin and Stalin. It cannot be swept under the rug as soft socialism and romantic.

Here is one article about what the Blood Red Century was really like.

Caesar in Britain

It is hard to believe that archeologists just found the evidence of the first Roman invasion by Julius Caesar. History is coming to life!

"The first Roman invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar in 55BC is a historical fact, with vivid accounts passed down by Tacitus, Cicero and Caesar himself.

Yet, despite a huge landing force of legionaries from 800 ships, no archaeological evidence for the attack or any physical remains of encampments have ever been found."

Here at the link.

Starting Up

Unfortunately I have taken a 9 month hiatus from blogging daily.

This is not what I wanted to have happen but with the pressures of working almost every day, I seemed to let time slip past me.

Maybe it was good for me to take a break and think about what I need to do i my life. I have been experiencing more of a need to do what I enjoy most - learning, photography, crafts, and yes...keeping this blog up to date. I will give it my best effort.
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