Vada is 5

We hurried home from our trip up to the North Cascades, highway pass country, and Central Washington State around Lake Chelan. Today is Vada's 5th birthday and she is feeling quite grown up. She got an Elsa watch for her birthday and is one of the coolest things ever to her. Watch now!

Starting 71

Today is my 71st birthday. We are heading over to the coast and Lincoln City around late morning to midday. It will likely rain there yet it is away and one can hope for a relaxing few days over there. It does not feel like a birthday yet, just another day in the string of many.

Watermelon Girl

I was able to capture this photo of Vada eating a watermelon piece offered by her Dad. She loves fruit and vegetables like her boy cousins. She is so cute with her baby bird look here.


Jesse's Ready

Jesse's ready for his Daddy's birthday with a big smile.

Red Robin Party

The Lewis clan and the older Thayers got together with David's crew to celebrate David's birthday at Red Robin (two days late). It was a raucous and boisterous bunch for lunch.

Cake for Jesse

Mom went all out and made a gummy bear cake for her little gummy bear, Jesse. He looks pretty comfy here in his little chair.

Jesse's Pizza Party

Jesse's more official birthday party with the rest of the family was this evening. Pizza and cake. We got to stop by after Bob's procedure at the Lebanon hospital.

Jesse First Birthday

Today is Jesse's first birthday and he got to have some bacon and his own colorful pancakes. Here he is enjoying a bite with Mr. Ryan eating right alongside him.

Birthday Cake

Nicolas had an Odd Squad birthday this time around. His cake was purple which is his favorite color and had the Odd Squad badge on top. Here he is blowing out the candle.

Nicolas' Ninth

We celebrated Nicolas' ninth birthday this afternoon at David and Renee's. The family was present and had BBQ, chips, fruit and cake. Nicolas of course enjoyed opening his presents.

Water Fights

Today was a very hot day for the first part of June. I had to drive to Sherwood for the Volunteers Brunch for Cat Adoption Team. The Strawberry Festival held their parade today and the afternoon was a second birthday party at Century Park for Nicolas. The kids were soaked with cold water using water pistols or water pumps. Ryan though he could just dunk his pistol in the water to fill it but he had a blast.

Ryan Turns Three

The big 3 came for Ryan and everyone gathered at David and Renee's home for the celebration. Ryan was hyped up with excitement and sugar. There were lots of presents to go around, along with cake and sugar.

ryan-third-birthday top 5-9-16


Happy Birthday Scott

Today Scott is 33 and has his own house. Proud of him doing all of this and getting his house in better appearance and working order. He has a pleasant place now and it will be better as he goes along.

A good place to be at 33 in this day and age with an economy that doesn't allow as many to get ahead as they did in past years.

We went out and had dinner at the 1847 Grill at the Boulders Inn. A good place for dinner and happy hour.

Birthday Dinner

David and Renee hosted the Lewis and Thayer families at their place for chicken enchilada dinner with rice and beans on the side. Of course, birthday cake was available too. The kids/cousins all had fun playing and racing around the house. Jesse just looked at us like what is all the hub bub, Bub.

When You Are 64

Today I hit the big 64……….."When You Are 64". Pretty quiet day of working as usual but Bob and I did go out to eat at the 1847 Bar and Grill where we had a great dinner, tasty and relaxing. Some of the courses were off timing yet it didn't ruin the evening. A good start to my year.

Happy Birthday, David

The boys seemed to be having fun while at the Pumpkin Patch playing with the plastic duck spillways. Nicolas and Ryan seemed to find a way to get very wet. David was getting into the action for awhile too.
Today is David's —th birthday, so Happy Birthday, son.


Cupcake Train

Some more evidence of fun.

Ryan says "Hurry up and get this train on track for the candle lighting and then eating"
ryan-and-cupcakes- top-5-10-15

Here come the candles!

Best 2.0 Birthday Evah

After all the food, birthday presents, and lighting of the cupcakes, it was the best 2.0 birthday evah! for Mr. Ryan who had a very busy exciting day. The weather could not have been better for a family gathering.

First Birthday Party

Ryan had his first birthday party today. The gang or is it gaggle of family gathered around to eat BBQ and dump truck “dirt cake and gummy worms” for the afternoon. I could put a birthday type photo here though I think one of a happy boy who enjoyed the attention on his birthday is best. The birthday types can be used on later dates. Here he is in all his smiling glory.


Today would have been my father’s 97th birthday. Sadly he passed away in 1979. So long ago. He was a good guy and well liked. He was good to his friends and loved to talk to anyone, especially hunting and fishing. Here is a scan of him in the driveway of my grandparents home along S. Santiam Highway in Lebanon. The intersection is so different now. No store across the way for one. There is a gas station where their house stood. It is a 4 lane road and busy. Here is to you, Dad!

Birthday Coastal Trip

We made an early drive over to the Oregon Coast today. We went by way of Highway 20 to Newport and then up the coast to Lincoln City. It was a day to see some sun, beaches, shop, and have lunch at Kyllo’s. Kyllo’s is the better seafood place in Lincoln City as far as I am concerned. We split a salad, a yummy shrimp cocktail, halibut and chips w/prawns, and a scrumptious coconut almond ganache pie. It was just great to get over to see some sunshine. It was warmer there and the wind was not blowing. It really seemed like a calm day at the coast. Good to have a relaxing day for a birthday. Here is a photo I got of a lovely home at the edge of Depoe Bay.
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