Sometimes I feel a bad trait I have is lack of motivation (along with procrastination. I have to fight against both. I have developed techniques against procrastination. I cannot say the same for motivation. Here is a link to a number of easy ways to stay motivated.

Thought Changes

There was a very interesting article a few days ago that offered some great advice on how to change your thought processes for a positive impact in your life. The list goes like this:

1) Making yourself impervious to criticism.
“Once you internalize this sort of thinking, insults no longer have any impact because the very fact that someone is treating you in a deliberately insulting manner makes his opinion irrelevant.”

2) How to make a final decision.
From Richard Branson……….“When you have to make a decision, think carefully about it, pick the best option, and then don’t revisit it again unless you receive new information.” Don’t keep second guessing yourself.

3) The key to getting over mistakes.
Going down a judging pathway does not help and is counter-productive. The author accepted a subtle truth……….
“You always do the best you can right now.”

4) How to stop reacting over minor issues.
Definitely a problem I can obsess over. I have probably wasted a lot of my time in life doing just such a thing.
Again, from the author………..Because once someone told me that if something was bothering me I should ask myself a simple question, “Will this matter in five years?” Ninety-nine percent of the time, the answer was “no.”

5) How to have a more active life.
Now this is where much of the horizons talk should come in, where one should take on challenges and learn new things, stretch those mental muscles. As the author states………“If you have to choose between two roughly equal options, always take the one that leads to you doing something.” If your friends invite you to go to a movie and you’re kind of torn about whether to do it, you go. If you have a chance to go to a conference and you want to go, but you’d also be just as happy spending the weekend at home, you go.

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