New Phone

I guess one of my Christmas gifts to myself is updating to a new IPhone 6s. I would have liked to have waited until next year for the IPhone 7 but I don't think it would have worked due to storage limits I was running into lately. I would have had to start deleting items from my phone. Not really something I wanted to do.

Early Cell Phones

Cell phones are ubiquitous. They are everywhere and it seems almost everyone has one (well some have resisted). Here are some interesting facts about the earliest cell phones and how they evolved. The first handheld weighed 2.4 lbs. Now they weigh around 0.25 lbs. What a difference and why they are so popular for one reason. Technology moves on.

Technology Headaches

Today has been a day for development of big technology headaches and maybe some hoped for resolution. Our DSL internet has been a major sore point lately with slow speeds, in and out service (it could rival In-And-Out Burgers), and downright internet stoppages. The past week has been very bad for this. I was unable to access an online classroom Monday night due to internet access issues. Today, the phone went out while on hold to talk to CenturyLink about their service. With a phone service repair (a local equipment station card was bad and needed to be replaced) and modem switch out, everything is working more consistently. Time will tell. Our ISP needs to really spend money to upgrade equipment in our area and it probably won’t happen soon or at all. Plus, my battery back up/surge protector is beeping and may need a batter replacement. Sigh!!
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