Lebanon Oregon

Flowers of Spring

In helping a client with some community cats in her neighborhood, I came across at her house a flower bed with lovely tulips and bluish ground cover plants. Taking photos while there created a beautiful art-like picture with the colors. Spring with the flowers just coming out and sunshine is wonderful.

spring tulips

Carnival Coming To Town

Bob and I followed one of the carnival rides coming to town on Monday after leaving the birthday party. Getting ready for the Strawberry Festival.

45th Class Reunion

They say it is hell getting old. Yup, it sure feels that way when one attends their 45th high school class reunion. I remember going to my 10th class reunion and then Bob's the next year. I enjoyed his much more then. My class mates are nice people but I have lost touch with most and I tend to want to focus on who we are now, they want to go back to who were together then. My memories don't go back to those days to much of a degree.
The Class Reunion Picture

Strawberry Night Fever Parade

Bob walked in the Strawberry Festival Parade with the Fire Dept. representation. He walked alongside the big truck driven by our neighbor, Dan Hartman. The fire truck is located at Fire Station 35 right across the road from us. It is one big truck. The parade was nice and a great thing for the kids to enjoy. It was a pretty good sunburn gig for the rest of us. Here is Bob doing his civic duty in the parade.
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