Learning Continues

The learning must continue and how to be more handy also.

It certainly seems as if problems come in 3s, maybe even more. Our microwave has had the digital screen fading in and out over some months now. We can jazz it up by flipping the breaker switch and it will work for awhile. Yesterday, right in the middle of a dishwashing cycle, our Fisher and Paykel dishdrawer flipped an error code and started beeping at us. This is not good beyond the hassle and cost. It is not easy we have found to get a service person for this brand of dishwasher. It will be a major-major brand for the next one. You buy nice products that seem upscale brands, you buy upscale headaches if you live in the country and away from bigger cities. The mid-valley would be a good place for a good appliance repair person to set up a business.

Now, my Mac Pro laptop came up with a “death” screen this morning. A curtain of gray descended on it while working and up popped in multiple languages (it has to be bad if in Japanese too) that I must restart the computer by pushing the power button and then pushing it again. Just a gray screen with code and this message is the result. So it will be off to Paul’s Computer Repair tomorrow and hope for the best. Paul Aziz is also the photography instructor who encouraged the blog a day. Talking with his wife, they will be going to the Linn County Fair today just like we are doing. I had to pull my Time Capsule backup of the blog over to my IMac to stay current and not lose what I have done. Right now, the entries are disordered so that may be a problem in itself.

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