Old Vancouver Homes

While visiting with Marybeth, we took a drive around east Vancouver and our old neighborhoods. We got photos of our former houses just to think of the memories from that time.
We did have an interesting experience with the female homeowner who is at our first home. She marched out and asked us what we were doing and why we were photographing her house. I don’t think she believed our story that we had once owned the place and our oldest son was born at the hospital and brought home here. Oh well.

At 4215 140th Ave. in Vancouver WA

At 15208 SE Evergreen Highway, Vancouver WA


Color and Irrigation

More from that amazing sight of orange and blueish purple fields planted side-by-side. Bob got a nicely composed shot of one of the fields through an irrigation wheel. Good job!

Colorful Fields

Great day of visiting with my friend, Marybeth. Bob and I had a nice lunch with her at a Vancouver Korean restaurant. Nice tasting and spicy food. It was with sadness that we had to leave Vancouver to drive home and not be able to spend more time with her. We could spend days chatting and have talked about taking photography classes at some point. It was a hot and early evening sun to drive home in. We got some really nice photos of local field crops and their color posed against each other.

Symposium and podcasts

My Blue Yeti microphone failed me tonight and I was not able to use it to record audio for the Symposium. I had to use the laptop microphone which was OK though more tinny in sound. We pulled off another well done Symposium with lots of good feedback. Dinner at The Grant House was great and the food very nicely done even if most of the conversation was pointed toward travels in Africa which we have not done.

Bob, was videographer, for the event along with Otto Wolf.



Off to Vancouver WA today. It is great to see that this year’s Winn meeting is close to home and we can drive. It is a bit cloudy, rainy and muggy for Oregon. The Winn board meeting was tonight and I was elected President for another term. Here is how it went down with me looking like I am working and Betty White as my sidekick.



For one part of this afternoon, the rain came down so hard and long that it was like a huge bucket of water was poured over us. The wind helped blow the rain sideways and through an open window. It was a big rain cell and one I hope not to see again soon. So it is better to see some sun and hope for a rainbow with it.

England and the Raj

The historical underpinnings of India as a part of the English empire has been controversial. Belief was that India, its resources, and its people were exploited by the British. There is an article and recent book that states British rule most likely gave India its basis as an economically growing country. Read the whole article here.

The period of colonial rule, spanning some 200 years, is routinely depicted as the systematic plundering of a nation. The popular view is that the Empire stripped India of its natural resources and gave little in return, leaving the place all but destitute when independence was finally granted in 1947.

Now, however, a new book written by an Anglo-Indian challenges this notion. It asserts that in fact Britain laid the foundations for modern-day India and the prosperity that it enjoys today.

Soviet Holocaust Cinema

Records, photos, and especially film has been found in the old Soviet archives of how the Soviet Union depicted the Shoah or Holocaust from their vantage point. In the late 1930s, before Germany invaded the Soviet Union, there were films being made that depicted Jews being taken away by Nazis. Many of these films were hidden away once the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed. An interesting story is found here with many interesting photos and film noted.


Off to spend time in Costco to buy replacements for home electronics that seem to quit on their own. I wonder what is next to break down since it is always in 3s. Well, at least I will put a good photo of Bob with Dervish in this spot.

Family Teriyaki

We finally got out of the house again and took David, Renee, Nicolas, and Ryan out to dinner at Lebanon Teriyaki. I think that is close to their favorite place to visit for dinner. Ryan got passed around for holding to Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma before Mommy was the better deal for dinner. Conversation, of course, did settle for the men around softball and baseball. Just a look at the ballpark area in Seattle. The white domed field on the left is for the Seattle Seahawks and the dark domed field on the right is Safeco Field for the Mariners.

Hunkered Down

One of the “catch up all the work on hold” days. I had to spend most of the day from early morning until evening hunkered down over the computer getting Winn Feline Foundation materials ready for the board meeting and answering emails. It might be a more pleasant thought to consider the Seattle skyline from the waterfront.

Mexican Morris for Mayor

Dogs have run for mayor, now it is a cat’s turn. Morris the Mexican Cat is running for Mayor of Xalapa in eastern Mexico. I must say that he is healthier and cleaner looking than most cats I have seen on the west coast of Mexico. As a black and white handsome cat, he has my vote. You can check out Morris here.


Cattin' Around

Off again to work in Eugene for 2 days. Trying to get some money to pay toward the meeting in Seattle. It will be good to see cats again and Patricia to chat about cat medicine.

Colorful Clouds

Last night as the sun was setting and the rain clouds were thinking of accumulating, I got this photo of color imprinted on a fluffy cloud above the Douglas Fir trees. It was a night of a colorful sunset.

Father's Day

Now it is Father’s Day or Grandpa’s Day at this point. Gramps has had a few Happy Dad’s Day comments from his sons. His wife has been less enthusiastic due to trying to recover from the trip and meeting in Seattle. Such days are always “catch up” days. Bob did get a good gift for his Father’s Day……..the newest World War II book and last of a trilogy by Rick Atkinson. Such reading should keep him busy. Here is grandpa meeting his new grandson, another version from May 9.
Ryan in wrap up-6-16-13

Puget Sound

Well, while I was slaving away learning about cats and meeting with friends, Bob was out riding the ferry across Puget Sound to visit Bainbridge Island. Here he is with Juliana and Grace Pettey, the daughters of our good friends from Largo, FL, Rick and Deb Pettey. Juliana and Grace, I have from good authority, are like typical kids, they love to torment each other and are much loved by their parents.

Space Needle in Seattle

While I was off having a good learning session, Bob was off sight seeing around Seattle. Riding the bus, visiting parks. The weather was sunny and he was able to get a photo of the Space Needle from a different direction. The restaurant and food are really nice and one can have a great visit with friends there.

Friends Abound

Being up in Seattle, it is very special to see so many old friends who we haven’t seen for awhile or that we see only once a year or so.
Joanna, Margaret Horstmeyer, John Daugherty, Michael Johnson, Justin, Letrisa, Steve Bailey, Deb and Rick, Phil Peterson, Margie and Jim, and more. I miss the old days when we would go for a big networking dinner and all around gab fest!

Lincoln Unbound

It is probably easy to detect that one person in history I admire greatly was Abraham Lincoln. Much has been written about him, his life, his character, his beliefs………. There is a new book out today by Rich Lowry that focuses on what beliefs formed his character and actions. Here is a description of the book by the author.

Seattle Bound

Post web design planning webinar, we hit the road to Seattle for the ACVIM meeting. It should be decent weather with possibly a little rain though not much. We are staying at the Homewood Suites which is a convenient and comfortable location to the Convention Center. Dinner is planned at Asiaggio’s with good friend, Joanna Guglielmino. Italian food on the horizon…..Yum!

Book Riot Listings

I like having my book library. I know that many have shifted to having their library easier and on their E-reader. I like the use of the E-reader too though it does not fulfill the deep sense of owning a treasure trove of the written word and knowledge. Here is a link to 10 of the top libraries of the rich and famous listed on Book Riot. Personally the Stone House library at the John Adams home in Quincy, MA is right up there to me. Otherwise on this list, I would pick the library at William Randolph Hearst’s castle near Cambria, CA.

One Month, One Year

Today Ryan is one month old and it is the one year anniversary of David and Renee. We went over and shared a crock pot meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and corn. We brought along a Schwann’s frozen creme pie that had candy chunks and caramel. Yum! Ryan is able to hold his head up a bit stronger. David and Renee seem relaxed and happy as a family.

Photo Contest

Ruralite Magazine is having their calendar photo contest again this summer. I thought I would try this year to send in some photos. I can hope that something may be picked. I did send in an offshoot of this photo scene. It is fun to watch kite flying at the beach. These were quite striking kites that day. Devil cats to us.

How We Talk

A number of years ago when we lived in Walnut Creek CA, we went shopping at a local grocery store for a few items. At the checkout counter, we put the items on the conveyor belt and as they were being scanned I commented to Bob about getting pop. The young clerk at the counter was surprised and wondered what I was referring to. He knew it as soda. He asked me if I was from elsewhere like the MidWest. No, I am not though some of my family roots are from Nebraska.
It is interesting how people will say words differently from what you personally will do. Friends from Illinois would say “Sol-mon” for Salmon (S-al plus mun). Or hambooger for hamburger. We are just different. If you want to know how different and what those differences are, here is an article on the different dialects found around the United States.

Here Is Hoping

Grandma always loves being appreciated and having a number one fan. It can bring a smile to know that Ryan recognizes that Grandma likes a supportive audience Happy
grandma fan-6-6-13


When all your activity meets up with an overload of allergies, sometimes a body crashes asleep to make it up. Nicolas has crashed.
Nicolas crashed-6-5-13

Water Gun Wars

If it isn’t Grandpa stirring up trouble, one of his sons brings water guns to the picnic and there were water fights. One rule is you never shoot the Mamas (not if you want to live). Jasmine and Shasta are in the process of ambushing and watering the rest of us (plus each other).


The Bike Teacher

Just as he did with his own sons, Grandpa Bob was out helping Nicolas learn how to ride a bike with training wheels. Steady as he goes there, Grandpa! Nicolas was able to peddle across the cul-de-sac on his own at one point. Cool bike helmet!

Backyard Birthday Bash

The weather is getting dry and mild. People are in the festive mood, Strawberry Festival that is. Today we celebrated Nicolas’ birthday in his parent’s backyard with burgers, hotdogs, chips, beans, and homemade ice cream. The highlight for Nicolas was getting to open presents. What child does not like to be the center of the universe for a period of time. Here he is opening his Sponge Bob talking birthday card from us.


Right around one year ago, a black lab was running loose on Berlin Rd. A person could hear the car horns blare as people would honk as they dodged this frightened dog. He was unneutered and had a poor hair coat. Bob was fortunate to finally catch him and rescue him from car dodge ball. Dervish lucked out and has come to be a fixture in the household. He likes his food, his ball, his walks, and his time indoors snuggled up against the recliner. One can see what a dog’s life is like at this house by viewing Dervish on our cushy front porch chair.
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