Washington State

Seattle Bound

Post web design planning webinar, we hit the road to Seattle for the ACVIM meeting. It should be decent weather with possibly a little rain though not much. We are staying at the Homewood Suites which is a convenient and comfortable location to the Convention Center. Dinner is planned at Asiaggio’s with good friend, Joanna Guglielmino. Italian food on the horizon…..Yum!

Puget Sound

Well, while I was slaving away learning about cats and meeting with friends, Bob was out riding the ferry across Puget Sound to visit Bainbridge Island. Here he is with Juliana and Grace Pettey, the daughters of our good friends from Largo, FL, Rick and Deb Pettey. Juliana and Grace, I have from good authority, are like typical kids, they love to torment each other and are much loved by their parents.

The Grant House

We took a recon trip up to Vancouver WA to visit the Hilton Hotel and restaurants in the area for next month’s Winn Symposium. One restaurant should be a great location due to its beautiful and historic structure and location on Officer’s Row at the Ft. Vancouver Historical site. The setting is very Pacific Northwest and striking. What a spot to be billeted in the military in its day!
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