Friends For 40 Years

Dr. Mary Beth Rymer Temples has been a dear close friend for slightly over 40 years. We met at a veterinary conference in Santa Cruz when I was 7 months pregnant with Scott. We have practiced in the Diablo Valley area for 20 years in the vicinity. She now works at Civic Feline Clinic that I established on August 23, 1983. It has been a good friendship. Marybeth, Bob, and I went to the restored Elsinore Theatre in Salem 3 days ago to watch an uncut version of Home Alone on their big screen. What a lot of fun and enjoyment. Gets you in the holiday spirit.
Here is to Marybeth!

Music and Friends

Our local winery, Marks Ridge, has musical events every Friday evening during July and August. Sit on the lawn chairs, eat snacks, and listen to good music. This year's sessions started this last Friday night, the 3rd, with the group, Dinna Fash, which means "Don't Fret or Worry". We, met our friends the Gentinos, Gene and Liz, at the event and had a wonderful evening. It was a perfect evening, not too hot or too cold. We need more of this to heal our souls.


Patricia and Cats

Bob and I had lunch today in Eugene with Dr. Patricia Shea. She finally completed the purchase of Cat Care where she is the owner. It is so good to have a friend and good cat person owning the place to where I can feel I can have a relationship with practice and cats again. Good food and good times at Cat Care and good Thai food at TaRaRin.

More Democrats

While staying with the Becnels, we do get entertained in the morning by the gathering of greedy, needy for food raccoons that come down from the trees. As Tim calls them so aptly, The Democrats.

Off to NOLA

We stayed overnight at the Shilo Inn and caught a very early flight to NOLA (or Covington) to see our friends, Tim and Karen Becnel. They were so good at letting us visit them and stay for 2 nights. We had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant for supper. Good appetizers, drink, and food.

Lunch Out

I finally was able to get out of the house to have lunch with my friend, Laurie. We went to the 1847 Bar and Grill at the new hotel in town. They made a good Pastrami Reuben sandwich which is my favorite. Laurie had a great looking clam chowder and turkey sandwich. Nice, relaxing place to eat and the service was good and friendly.

Marybeth and Bob

Another great photo of a long time good friend, Marybeth Rymer, and Bob while at the AAFP conference. We have been friends since 1983 while meeting in Santa Cruz at another cat conference.

California and Tulios

Traveled down to Walnut Creek, CA today to our old home stomping grounds. Traffic is worse than ever, especially along N. Main St. We met our friend, Marybeth Rymer, at Tulio’s Restaurant across from my old practice. The food was the same and as good as ever. Bob had his rigatoni with meat sauce and I had the chicken caesar salad. Their dressing is the best ever and the one I love the most. It was the same and I could have carried off another salad or more if I could.

Congrats to Cat Video Festival

It looks like my good friend Karen and her sidekick “cats” got good publicity and recognition from the local media. May the New Orleans cat video festival live on for a number of years. Check out the nice article.

Cat Video Festival Day

Long, fun day of helping our friends set up and hold the first International Cat Video Festival Day in New Orleans. The videos were shown in the auditorium at the Museum of Art at City Park. The booths were set up in City Park. Great music, great food (yum, the Crawfish Beignet), great pictures, and cat goods to buy. It was hot and humid so I hunkered in a chair when not in the cool Museum. It appeared to be a good day for Karen and Tim for the festival though LOTS of work. Here they are in one of their photo experiences for the day with attendees and photo content winners.

Art Walkin'

No matter how many times we have driven by Cottage Grove while traveling I-5, we have never visited the downtown area. This evening we drove to Cottage Grove to the Crafty Mercantile shop to participate in our friend’s, Dr. Patricia Shea, showing of her art in the store. Each month Cottage Grove has an Art Walk and people come out to visit the downtown and see the “wares” on display. It looks like Cottage Grove has done some revitalization and it seems to be helping. Patricia’s friends and clients came to see her work and visit. She has done a great job in her painting. Here is one example of a print she donated to AAFP for their silent auction years ago.


Friends Abound

Being up in Seattle, it is very special to see so many old friends who we haven’t seen for awhile or that we see only once a year or so.
Joanna, Margaret Horstmeyer, John Daugherty, Michael Johnson, Justin, Letrisa, Steve Bailey, Deb and Rick, Phil Peterson, Margie and Jim, and more. I miss the old days when we would go for a big networking dinner and all around gab fest!

Friends in High Places

How can we not appreciate and treasure good friends? Phony people are all around. The real gems who are real and would be there when needed are not. When you find them, hold on to that specialness as best you can! We got by email today a great photo of our evening at the Space Needle in Seattle with Tim and Karen Becnel. We had such a wonderful meal and view with great conversation. Tim and Karen fit into the special friend category. It was so great to have them stay at our home so we could share an Oregon experience too.
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