Early Morning Moonset and Sunrise

This morning was the apex of the full "snow" moon of February while at the same time we had a colorful sunrise.
To the west:

To the east:

Brilliant Start Again

After a very long hiatus and blog publishing issues on top of a pandemic and busywork, I have re-built this blog with re-linking articles where I could and adding my photo resources into the blog software. I enjoy publishing interesting photos of our lives and covering articles and topics. I have learned a lot along the way and more is still to be done. Enjoy a recent spectacular sunrise. Brilliant!!

Berlin Sunrise Color May 2020

Yesterday morning about 6 a.m. the clouds were light in the eastern sky. The sun was coming up and created a lovely sunrise. One area over the Peter Mountains had a cloud tail as if it were likely raining there. It was a beautiful bit of color to greet the world. I do love seeing these sunrises.


Lovely Sunrsie

We had a striking sunrise this morning. I could not help but grab a photo. It really stood out!lovely-sunrise-2-9-16

The Wild Blue Colored Yonder

Beautiful sunrise this morning. I caught a photo of an airplane winging its way, visualized through the bright clouds, likely from PDX to elsewhere land.

wild-blue-yonder- 9-25-15

Early Sunrise

We have been getting a number of lovely early morning sunrises again lately. This is from last week but lovely still to see and also to have some nice weather hanging around.

Those Sunrises in Berlin

A few weeks ago, we woke to one of those great winter sunrises with lots of color across the sky. I wish they could last longer since they are so wonderful and bright.

Winterboer House Sunrise

I posted a photo yesterday of the brilliant and large sunrise. Today I will post a photo of how the sunrise extended even toward the north and colored the sky above Berlin Ridge and the Winterboer’s house. It was unusual and quite pretty to see the sky so pink at that time. It did not last long though so the photos had to be quick and without a tripod.

Surprising Sunrise

We have had fewer sunrises than usual so far this fall and winter. This morning it surprised us with a truly bright spectacular and large sunrise. Large in meaning because it extended along the eastern mountains toward the hills of Berlin Ridge Rd. The colors covered a large area of the horizon, more so than usual.

Winter Sunrise

A winter sunrise from January 26th. It has been a cloudy winter so we have not had the bright and spectacular sunrises of some past years. I was able to snap an early photo on a frosty morning of the most recent colorful sky.


Another day rising to see a brilliant winter sunrise. I may have the largest collection of photos of sunrises there are in the world. We just seem to get a chance to see a number of them over the Peter Mountains out our bedroom door.



What is Community?

There is so much sadness and devastation following Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast part of the United States. One community so very hard hit is Staten Island, one of the burroughs of New York City. They claim they are the least appreciated and that most likely is correct. There has been a recent article about one woman who took photos of the community of Staten Island in the 1980s and what life was like there. It is an interesting look at another part of the country and across the continent from Oregon. Such a difference in weather and life experiences in many ways. While here, we had another intriguing sunrise where the clouds are highlighted differently with early morning light.

Fall Sunrise

The sun is out again. Wow, today started off with a beautiful, colorful sunrise. It was amazing to see and does not last long enough.

A New Day

I could see a bright orange glow peeping through the gap in the curtains at 5 a.m. ET. I got up and looked out the window to see this beautiful sunrise over Quincy MA. We should be off to the Adams Historical Site today so it should be a new, interesting day.

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