Ancient Worlds


Bob and I once went to the Field Museum in Chicago and saw the exhibit on the destruction of Pompeii by Mt. Vesuvius. Someone put together a computer animation of the destruction. One can watch it here.

Ancient Naval Base

Archeologists have found evidence of ship sheds off the coast of Greece that may have held ships that fought the Persians in the Battle of Salamis (one of the greatest battles of all time). More detail about the finding is here.

"Although the Greeks were outnumbered, they won the battle, which took place in the straits between the Greek mainland and the island of Salamis.

"This naval battle was a pivotal event in Greek history; it is difficult to predict what would have happened if the Greek fleet had lost at Salamis, but it is clear that a Persian victory would have had immense consequences for subsequent cultural and social developments in Europe,” said Loven. “The victory at Salamis rightly echoes through history and awakens awe and inspiration around the world today." "

The Art at Petra

This was just posted but actually was written for 2010. An interesting summary of how English scholars have restored some ancient wall paintings at the World Heritage site of Petra in Jordan. One much hope that ISIS will not wreak havoc not this country since they are determined much as the Taliban was in destroying evidence of ancient cultures. These cultures are heretical to them and must be gone. Only the Caliphate is to remain. Back to Petra and the Hellenistic art found there.
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