A Coastal Birthday

A cold day in the Valley but a sunnier yet cold day at the Oregon Coast. We headed on our for Lincoln City to shop at the outlet stores and eat at Kyllo's in Lincoln City. We enjoy the seafood there and it is consistently good. It is so nice to get away from home and work even for part of a day.

The pass and trees were covered with snow coming back from Newport to Corvallis. It was spitting snow in Corvallis and cold at home but the roads were not bad.

Here I get to enjoy some sparkling wine at Kyllo's to celebrate. Good food, fun times.
vicki-birthday-coast-top 1-2-17

Bob's meal: Crab stuffed halibut on potatoes. It was very tasty looking. I had fish and chips along with a Oregon hazelnut and blue cheese salad with small shrimp. Yum.


43rd Anniversary

Today is our 43rd anniversary. We are coming up on knowing each other for 45 years having met at WSU when I was a floor rep for Coman Hall and Bob dropped off a friend and neighbor who was going to be a resident. We had a "blind" date a few months after that and got engaged one month later. The rest is history. We did have a lovely anniversary dinner at Tucci's Ristorante in Lake Oswego. Good Italian food. Homemade pasta with sauces - spaghetti carbonara for me, starters of olives and a good cheese with bread, beet salad and finished with a chocolate torte. Enjoyable dinner.

Bob and Wine Birthdays

We went out to dinner tonight with Scott at the 1847 Bar and Grill. We had some good salads and food. Bob was happy to get his glass of cabernet.

Bob Painting

The major project of Scott getting his house painted started this weekend. I got a picture of Bob putting on primer. The green color is the old color of the house.

The Bobble

Bob in Scott's back yard on a nice sunny evening, last night in fact.

Valentine's Day 2016

We went to 1847 Bar and Grill late this afternoon for our Valentine's Day dinner. I enjoy going there. I got 2 nice cards, one from Bob and one from the cats and dog. How thoughtful. I also got a set of colored pencils to go along with my adult coloring book I bought at Costco yesterday. At the end, I had there wonderful cranberry/orange bread pudding. Yum.

When You Are 64

Today I hit the big 64……….."When You Are 64". Pretty quiet day of working as usual but Bob and I did go out to eat at the 1847 Bar and Grill where we had a great dinner, tasty and relaxing. Some of the courses were off timing yet it didn't ruin the evening. A good start to my year.

Sunsetting On My Day

Some days start out great and one can feel happy. They can turn on a dime and not end up being a happy day at all. My day today was very much sensated.

Samwich Partners

Do you think they are related? Do you think they like to eat their Samwiches? Maybe while glued to a TV show?


Serious Bob

Here is Bob out working and spreading apples from the old trees on the property back where the deer congregate around the trail camera. It is serious work.

42 Years

Today is a big 42 years for our marriage and an anniversary of the day two young people stood together at the Lutheran church on 5th St. here in Lebanon. Soulmates! Happy Anniversary, dear.
It was a quiet one of a couple of appointments, getting our TSA pre check applications submitted. A definite easier way to travel. Now we have to hope for our documents to come soon.

Off to a Night in Portland

A busy day of work yet we got time to break away at 4 pm to leave for Portland. Bob had reserved a room at the Shilo Inn tonight. Dinner at the Shilo Restaurant seemed the best bet after a tour of the Ikea store nearby. We were able to buy some towels and bath mats at the store. Dinner was good and then it was time to nod off to sleep from too much food.

Near The Finish

Here is the big runner, coming in to the final stretch near the finish line. This looks more tiring than I think it really was for him this time around.bob-at-run-end-5-3-15

Bob At The 5K Run

Bob went and ran his 5K Cheadle Lake Run today. He hadn't been able to train for about one month but he did better than last year and did not seem tired. Must have been the better shoes he had this time around.

Dual Use Bike

Someone whose first name starts with a B now has no excuse to wish for a bike to ride around on his property and the nearby roads. He now has a new Trek bike to enjoy. May he live long and prosper.

A Birthday for Bob

No, I won’t say how old he is. Not that he would care that much. It was a good day for him. We had breakfast with Scott and Melissa in town which is not a frequent occurrence to eat with them. He also got a lot of birthday wishes throughout the day from any people. Of course, Facebook facilitates a lot of “contacting” among friends. His new computer has arrived and is at the computer repair place to get all his info transferred over to the new one. He should be excited when it all comes online.

Lebanon Race Day

Bob was signed up for the past month to run in the Cheadle Lake “Build Lebanon Trails Fun Run”. It was a mix of a kid’s dash, 5K, 10K, and walk to the Finish. He registered for the 5K and has been training on the treadmill to do run 5Ks. David, the boys, and I went out to cheer him on from start to finish. It was a bit windy and cool with the threat of rain. He started well and was dragging a bit at the end. Here is the Bobble headed off with the rest of the 5K pack.

Starter Marriages and Happiness

Getting married at an earlier stage of life before you have built a career and home has it challenges. It also can build a strong relationship, friendship, and marriage. To read an explanation of the Advice for a Happy Life by Charles Murray, it can be found here. I would say that this pair of Thayers fit the article well. We married when we were 21 (me) and 20 (Bob). We have been friends and soul mates. It has been a good relationship and full of good laughs. We have many mutual interests and can go on vacation together without getting bored. Many cannot say the same.
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