Public Service Award

Bob and I were surprised and humbled this evening to receive a Public Service Award for our efforts with Neighborhood Watch. Deputy Don Messick read out the award and why we were receiving it. Our Neighborhood Watch Council established in 2005 is the only one in the United State plus we also have a fairly efficient list serve going for our neighbors. What a lovely recognition of our community here in Berlin.
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Mowing Weeds

Bob and our neighbor, Dan Hartman, went over and mowed down a lot of tall grass and weeds around the place. One can now see where the yard is and at least enjoy it to a fair degree. Much cleaner view. In visiting, I didn’t go in because David was feeling sick and I did not want to get exposed.
I did grab some McDonald’s food to eat since I was a bit hungry. To know how the McDonald in McDonald’s is, check it out here.
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