4th of July

Independence Day 2020

Another 4th of July is here. I wish I could say it is a carefree and happy 4th with no worries. This is 2020 with the Coronavirus19 pandemic has its chill on how and where we can celebrate the holiday. No fireworks unless at home or on television. Now there are elements in the country who want to eliminate, I'd say even destroy, the holiday. There is little joy in viewing this and more a bit of despair and anger to see this. I don't know where our country goes with this but this concept will not be part of our family. We do love our country in spite of its faults.
I am glad we had Founders who did have the foresight to create this marvelous example of a republic for as long as it lasts which I hope is so much longer.

There are posts online that each year point out the meaning the our Independence Day holiday. They usually are on the Powerline Blog and this year is no different, found here and here.


The flag at Ft. McHenry near Baltimore.

America's Birthday...Happy 4th of July

To all our Family, Friends, and Neighbors in the States..................Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!

I found a few photos from a trip to Maryland. My way of celebrating from the land of the Canucks.


And now to say again...........HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!

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