Black Fridays

Today is a Black Friday, one of the best, craziest, and busiest days for shopping. I try to monitor the sales and get items that are useful and less expensive. We were off to BiMart, Radio Shack, and Costco to buy items and get money back on items where the price is lower now. It also seems to be “spot an interesting bird day” around here. Bob believes the recent logging of older trees nearby has destroyed the birds habitat and they are moving to other quarters. We saw a Pileated Woodpecker at the top of the birch tree by the garage. I tried to get a photo and he flew off too soon. According to our Birds of Oregon book, they like to nest in older timber about the size of 100 acres. This is the basis for Bob’ theory. We did have an owl (not sure if a barn, horn, or spotted) sitting on the top of one of our Douglas Fir trees. I got some shots of him there though they won’t show detail because it was getting too gray and rainy (dark) to get detail. It was cool to see him though since they are not out as much during daytime. Here is a photo of father and son playing cards last night. It has been awhile since we have had time to just be playful. Bob as always is serious about winning and beating David.

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