Silverton OR

What's In A Name?

I realize that I have not spent any time at the start explaining the meaning behind the “BenThaer-Horizons” website name.

When I first considered doing a website 3 years ago, I was strongly looking at going into Coaching-work and lifestyle type. I am still interested in that field though I found I could not focus the time and money to do what it takes. One also needs a business plan or just a plan to make it successful, productive, and, hopefully, money-producing. So that is where the Horizons part comes in. I do want to think about new horizons and fresh outlooks to take a positive, hopeful look at life’s opportunities. Bob and I also love Scotland--the lochs, the glens, and the bens (mountains). There are a lot of mountains around us here in Oregon. If you combine Ben and Thayer (shortened to Tha’er, the domain name can’t take apostrophes, so Thaer), we felt it sounded like someone would say, “BenThaer” as we would joke when we would see an article or picture of a particular place, “We’ve been there”!
Convoluted, yet Thayer logic.

Well today is going to be a catch up day, plus tomorrow and the day after. I will have to get back to making lists of items that I must accomplish for the Winn Feline Foundation. I also need to learn more about this website software and podcasting, etc. Lots of little tasks to work on.

So to enjoy more of that today, a lovely sunny summer day in Oregon, here is a shot of a wonderful field of color just north of Silverton OR we saw on our drive home yesterday morning. We have our dogs home and the kitties are happy to see us. Oscar is talking more to us that he has in the last 4 years we have had him. I can just hear it, “Please don’t go away again!”

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