Fire Corps


Last night was our first time at attending the volunteer fire fighters’ holiday dinner. It was held at Station 34 near Cheadle Lake and was a barbecue/potluck. There was probably about 100 people present as a mix of families with children. The children were enjoying the games and toys available for them. We sat with our next door neighbors the Hartmans and also another couple from Fire Corps, Ron and Jackie. Ron and I spent a bit of time talking about books, reading, and history. He was quite impressed with “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is the basis for the movie out now, Lincoln, which is getting good reviews.
There was a white elephant gift exchange. Our gift of a P-Touch labeler was traded a few times, so it was popular.We ended up with a book, “How Mrs. Santa Saved Christmas”. We will probably give that to Jasmine or one of the families to enjoy. All in all, it was a nice evening had by all.

Today is also December 7, the day that will live in Infamy--Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. In memory of all who we lost that day.


Fire Station and Fire Corps

I sat down with Bob Thayer to discuss the importance of Fire Corps to our community, city, and county. Fire Corps is led by Kathy Fitzwater, a Berlin Community neighbor who lives on Upper Berlin Rd. To learn more about Fire Corp and its benefit to all of us, please click on the following podcast link and allow a little time for it to load (or right-click on the link to download it to your computer to play).


Fire Corp volunteer, Bob Thayer

Our local Fire Station is the center of our community. Captain Dan Hartman (one to the right) keeps this local fire station in tip top shape. He and his wife, Connie, make the station as accessible as possible to community gatherings. The fire station and volunteers help protect our homes, lower our insurance rates, and offer that gathering spot. Our volunteers, like Jared pictured with Dan, make this system work for the safety of all of us.

To demonstrate the importance of the Fire Station, the following is a photo of the local fire truck leaving the station to attend a fire call in Lebanon. There was an electrical fire under a house’s porch and the owners were fortunate to be home to see the smoke and call in a fire emergency. Here are our hard-working volunteers headed out.

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