Dinner with Relatives

The other night we met with Bob's brothers and some of the younger members of the family. Mitch was returning to his infantry unit at Ft. Benning, GA by plane later in the evening. We met at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Southcenter Mall at Tukwila. The area is now like a large town on its own. Much bigger than when we stopped there in my youngish days. It was good to see family and have dinner together. They all looked and sounded good.

Mick, Janet, and Lindsay

Lindsay, Kathy, Jim, and Bob

Bob, Kim, and Mitch


EMP Museum

We toured the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum at the Seattle Center. We stood in line for an hour to do the 4-D Game of Thrones Climb the Wall Experience of 1 minute. They had everyone sign a release of risk and warned of problems due to the experience. I thought it was a bit ho hum and the movie Friday night in 3-D and being near the front of the theatre was more disconcerting. More alarming standing in line trying to save my knee than looking through the 4-D goggles.
Went to the Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror Movie sections. "Here Be Dragons"……..


Breakfast at Lola's

I love Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Just about the ultimate breakfast item and Lola's makes the best. Great poached eggs, done just perfect. The potatoes are smashed garlic ones and are a great compliment to the other items.


Birthdays at 63

Well, the big day of the year for birthdays has come. We have made our way to Seattle for the Hotel Andra to stay for the weekend. Our first dining experience out was at Serious Pie (where else) where we had one of the wood fired pizzas and their famous dessert of coconut cream pie. Yum. Then it was off to see the last episode of The Hobbit which was non-stop 3-D action.
Fennel sausage, peppers, and provolone cheese pizza

So good the fork didn't want to get out of the way.



Space Needle in Seattle

While I was off having a good learning session, Bob was off sight seeing around Seattle. Riding the bus, visiting parks. The weather was sunny and he was able to get a photo of the Space Needle from a different direction. The restaurant and food are really nice and one can have a great visit with friends there.

Glass Sculpture

While in Seattle in September, we passed by the new glass sculpture exhibit and garden near the Space Needle. It is a spectacular sight with color and design. These sculptures really glow at night with the lights around them. Here is an example of a portion of sculptures present.


Friends in High Places

How can we not appreciate and treasure good friends? Phony people are all around. The real gems who are real and would be there when needed are not. When you find them, hold on to that specialness as best you can! We got by email today a great photo of our evening at the Space Needle in Seattle with Tim and Karen Becnel. We had such a wonderful meal and view with great conversation. Tim and Karen fit into the special friend category. It was so great to have them stay at our home so we could share an Oregon experience too.

More Old Friends

It is the final day of lectures today and it is a full one. Just a little more time to get in a few hugs and chats with good friends. I do not see them enough. Such good and dear people, all who are dedicated to the love of cats.

Here is my good buddy and dancing partner, Drew Weigner, with his daughter. She is busy in the geology department at Idaho State University in Moscow, a lovely university and area.


Space Needle Memories

Who would believe that this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair with the Space Needle and the Monorail leading us into the future. The idea was space age technology with the development of the microwave and other items we use daily.

My family traveled to see the World’s Fair and I was a young girl. Who me, I am going to tell how old I was in 1962?
Ah, the memories from days gone by. We rode the Monorail from the Westlake Shopping Center over to the Science Center and the Space Needle to eat dinner at the SkyView Restaurant up top with Tim and Karen. Here is the Space Needle from a lowly perspective.

Meeting Up With Friends

The ABVP portion of the meeting was held this afternoon. Bob, Karen and Tim Becnel, and I went to Lola’s Restaurant to eat with Joanna Guglielmino. Joanna has been a long time, good friend to us. It was great to see her and break some bread, as they say. Here are the Three Amigos at Lola’s.



Traveled last night up to Seattle for 5 days of veterinary conferences. Last evening I took some time to do 2 podcasts with Dr. Jessica Quimby of Colorado State University. The podcasts will be used to generate interest in Winn’s research.

Today will be spent in lectures with 12 other veterinarians listening to Dr. Quimby lecture and also hearing about Onsior and Atopica as products from Novartis. I will be podcasting the talks to share with the IACD group (International Association of Cat Doctors). It will be great to see the group and hear all the new information available.

Bob and Tim Becnel were able to go to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. Here is the manager, Buck Showalter, with one of his assistants at the game.

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